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Stormreach Chronicle 10

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Stormreach Chronicle:
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Stormreach Chronicle 10 - Abbot Asks All Assemble for Ascension, Metamagic Breakthrough, Pack Rats Rejoice![edit]


Unholy Ascension Upon Us!

The Black Abbot has summoned all those in Stormreach and beyond to join him at the gates of the Black Mausoleum to witness the birth of Eberron's newest god. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a worshipper of the Black Abbot. But before I get on to his interview, a personal editorial note. Signing yourself up on the side of a new god before he becomes a god, is probably a pretty good health insurance plan. Now on the interview.

S.C.: Welcome random cultist guy. What can you tell us about this ascension?

Cultist: The Black Abbot will become a god, nothing can stop that. Those not with him stand against him. Those against him will serve as fuel for his deific cleansing of Eberron.

S.C.: I think that makes pretty clear where I officially stand. So, this ceremony, will there be punch and pie? Because I know for a fact you'll get a ten percent greater turnout if you have punch and pie!

Cultist: Punch and pie? The one who defied the Lady, the man who embraced the dead, the figure who stood before the gods and spat in their faces, is about to do what that harlot Vol has failed to do for centuries! Ascend and grab the reins of ultimate power! And you want punch and pie?!

At this point in the interview the cultists eyes began to burn red with an unholy fire. With the revelation that there would be no punch or pie, I decided I had learned enough and called the interview right there.

Tower of the Twelve Announces Metamagic Metamorphosis

Reprensentatives of the Tower of the Twelve recently held a press conference where they revealed a massive breakthrough in the enhancement and alteration of spells. The Gatekeeper had the following to say:

The scholars of the Twelve have been working dilligently these past several months and have made several crucial breakthroughs in the area of increasing the power of spells and magic through the use of metamagic abilities. The regents of the Twelve have decided to share this newfound knowledge with Stormreach's students of arcanum and divinity. In exchange, the Twelve expects that when they sound the call for help, Stormreach will respond.

After the conference I managed to pry this little tidbit out of The Gatekeeper, off the record of course, wink wink nudge nudge. 'I don't know when the regents will sound the call, but I fear it looms ominously just beyond the horizon.'

Pack Rats Rejoice

Not to be outdone, the Stormreach Tailors Union held a press conference of their own just hours after The Gatekeeper finished speaking. The topic you ask? Vastly increasing the amount of storage space in our personal packs. Not very exciting you say, which is true, I was a bit underwhelmed, until he also added that they would be increasing the organization of said packs. My ears perked up at this. I've been a great fan of the trinkets and odds and ends that come from the sewers. I call several of the people who collect them rather good drinking buddies, but it had always been a terrible nightmare to find where I had put all of these collectables. I was able to demo one of these new bags, and let me tell you: the pack is designed to expand in size if you have more items to put in it, and has specifically shaped inner pouches for each and every thing you could hope to carry around. If the Black Abbot had created these first when he becomes a god, I would worship at his feet every day.

That's all for me this issue Stormreach. Keep your metamagics turned on and double check those bookcases.