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Smiley Smythe

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Sorry friend, Smiley only caters to an exclusive clientele. Go find yourself some fame and experience in the world -- Smiley will still be here.

Smiley Smythe.jpg

Name: Smiley Smythe

Race: Halfling

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Mired in Kobolds

Affiliation(s): The Free Agents

Location: The Twelve, only a few steps from the airship access tower

Description: <Free Agents Trader>

  • Smiley Smythe: Well, hello there! Normally, old Smiley has plenty to trade -- but not today, I'm afraid.
    You see, my caravan was attacked on the way here... by a bunch of Khyber forsaken kobolds.
    It's almost enough to take the smile off old Smiley's face.
    • You: Kobolds? Your caravan had trouble with Kobolds?
      • Smiley Smythe: Yeah, kobolds ambushed my caravan -- I know, I know, get your chukles at Smiley's expense...
        But, I swear to you those kobolds were like nothing I've ever seen before. They did more damage than an Ogre attack!
        Tell you what, if you think you can handle them, then come with me to Driftwood Mire. Make sure those kobolds never attack my caravan again, I'll pay you a handsome sum!
        If you're up to it, hop up into old Smiley's Caravan.
        • You: All right, I'll come with you. (Bestow Quest)
        • You: Go hire yourself some caravan guards -- I have no interest in kobolds. Goodbye.