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Viggie Storr

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Viggie Storr.jpg

Name: Viggie Storr

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Sacrifices

Location: Korthos Village

Description: <Mayor>

Notes: He is the Mayor of Korthos, and wants your help to save his daughter who was kidnapped by sahuagin.

Korthos Village[edit]

As soon as you arrive on the village, he will be walking around the center of the village, and will tell you the following:

  • Viggie Storr: Please stranger, leave us be. If the Sahuagin or their cultist spies see me talking to you, they'll say I'm asking you to fight them.
  • Viggie Storr: And then they'll come and take me away!

After you complete the The Collaborator quest, he will approach you:

  • Viggie Storr: Oh, it's you... I beseech you, hero!
  • Viggie Storr: Something terrible has happened... my daughter Arissa has been kidnapped! We heard her scream in the night, but by the time we got to her room... she was gone.
  • You: Is there anything that can be done?
  • Viggie Storr: I think she's being held with other prisoners at the old Cannith Aqueduct—they're being taken there one-by-one for indoctrination.
  • Viggie Storr: The Cannith Aqueduct is on a rocky cliff at the Easternmost tip of Korthos Island. To get there, someone would need to cross all of this island's wilderness. Then, that person would need to find a path to climb up, and gain entrance to the Aqueduct at the top of the cliff.
  • Viggie Storr: It's our only chance to rescue the prisoners. I beg you, hero - bring my little 'Rissa back to me!
  • You: Yes, the time to strike is now. I will rescue your daughter and the others. (Bestow quest)

Talking to him after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make he say:

  • Viggie Storr: Please, <class>. Any minute and my daughter could be... oh, I dread to think!
  • Viggie Storr: They took her to the old Cannith Aqueduct, on the far East side of Korthos Island. You'll need to cross the island's wilderness first. Look for a large cliff at the eastern-most up tip of the island. Then, find a path to climb up, and gain entrance to the Aqueduct at the top of the cliff.
  • Viggie Storr: Please find her!

On completion of quest, he will tell you with the following:

  • Viggie Storr: You are trulyt incredible, <name>!
  • Viggie Storr: Arissa hasn't stopped talking about you since she returned. And I'll make sure the whole village hears of your bravery!
  • You: Thank you, Mayor. And give Arissa my regards.

After you get your reward, if you talk to him again, he will say:

  • Viggie Storr: I will build a statue in your honor, <name>!
  • Viggie Storr: As soon as I can refill the treasury, that is. In any case, Arissa sends her gratitude. I think she's taken quite a liking to you, actually.