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Handsome Wilm

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Handsome Wilm.jpg

Name: Handsome Wilm

Race: Halfling

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Necromancer's Doom

Affiliation(s): House Jorasco

Location: Korthos Village

Description: Handsome Wilm is the travel companion of Lady Drusen d'Jorasco, and asks for your help to find her.

Korthos Village[edit]

As soon as you arrive on the village, he will be walking around the center of the village, and will tell you the following:

  • Handsome Wilm: Now where did she go? have you seen Mistress Drusen d'Jorasco?
  • You: No, I have not.
  • Handsome Wilm: Oh, dear. She's always wandering off. And this island is hardly safe.

After you complete the The Collaborator quest, he will approach you:

  • Handsome Wilm: A moment of your time, adventurer. I would like to hire your services. I can offer a choice of items from our cargo, as payment.
  • You: I'm listening.
  • Handsome Wilm: My mistress, drusen d'Jorasco, was assaulted and kidnapped.
  • Handsome Wilm: They were undead; obviously minions of some villain. I followed them to some Decrepit Catacombs here in the wilderness of Korthos Island.
  • Handsome Wilm: It's at the base of a river inlet, underneath the south end of a long river cutting through the middle of the island.
  • Handsome Wilm: I would hire you to travel there and rescue my mistress. Does this job offer sound reasonable?
    • You: Quite reasonable. Have my reward ready when I return. (Bestow Quest)
      • Handsome Wilm:
    • You: This d'Jorasco sounds like an important woman. What's she doing here?
      • Handsome Wilm: The mistress often travels on behalf of House Jorasco. Unfortunately, we were wayland by that troublesome Dragon.
        • You: So you want me to rescue your employer? (see above)

Talking to him after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make him say:

  • Handsome Wilm: They took the mistress to some Decrepit Catacombs in the wilderness of Korthos island.
  • Handsome Wilm: It's at the base of a river inlet. You can reach it by taking the road out of town.
  • Handsome Wilm: Please don't delay. She gets so angry when she's made to wait.

On completion of quest, he will tell you with the following:

  • Handsome Wilm: Your work is quite satisfactory. The mistress is safely back in her quarters aboard the Sojourn.
  • Handsome Wilm: She has empowered me to offer you one of these items for payment.

After you get your reward, if you talk to him again, he will say:

  • Handsome Wilm: Hail, <name>.
  • Handsome Wilm: Rest assured, the mistress will recommend your services to House Jorasco.

After you complete Misery's Peak, he will tell you:

  • Handsome Wilm: I've heard of your other deeds on this island, <name>.
  • Handsome Wilm: I congratulate you, though I must admit it doesn't surprise me.
  • Handsome Wilm: I hired you to rescue my Mistress, after all. For something so important, I looked for the best. you.