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Moghar Hornbane

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Name: Moghar Hornbane

Race: Half-Orc

Gender: Male

Location: Barrel's Bottom, on a platform above the upper walkway, just northwest of the archway that leads to the courtyard outside the Salty Wench Tavern

Sells: a 30-minute Water Breathing effect - free for talking to him


  • If you can get close enough to speak with him, he will (automatically) give you a 30-minute Water Breathing effect.
  • It's not easy to get to him - you need a very good Jump score*, either by gear, potion, spell, ranks in skill, or some combination. When you exit the Salty Wench tavern, across from you is a small stack of crates, like stairs. Climb these and jump to the roof of the stall, then up to the ridge formed by the stone wall. Turn right and jump up onto the roof of the next building, then go over that and continue over the top of the stone archway. You will see Moghar on the wooden platform below you and to the left.
(* Exact DC is unknown at the time of this posting - a Jump of 23 succeeded, but not by very much. 20 didn't appear close.)

If you talk to him anytime, he will reply:

  • Moghar Hornbane: The pirate lords be seein' fit to reward the determined and the cunning.