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Lowan Nilmani

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Lowan Nilmani.jpg

Name: Lowan Nilmani

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Flesh Maker's Laboratory

Affiliation(s): The Silver Flame

Location: Necropolis, Upper

Notes: He will ask for your help against the Black Abbot.

Upper Necropolis[edit]

If you try to talk to him while at level 9 or lower, he will reply:

  • Lowan Nilmani: Have you smelled this thing next to me? It reeks!

If you are at level 10 or higher, however, he will reply:

  • Lowan Nilmani: Lowan waves you over with a hearty smile. Well met <name>. The day of reckoning is coming. Soon the Black Abbot shall meet his fate. But before we launch our assault on the Mausoleum, we must recruit some new allies.
  • You: Recruit some allies?
  • Lowan Nilmani: Yes, several soon to be former allies of the Abbot in fact. We've each been assigned to track one of them down and recruit him for the cause.
  • You: You're trying to get the Black Abbot's allies to turn against him? What says they will?
  • Lowan Nilmani: The Abbot isn't exactly the best of friends. Take Mentau, the artificer, cooped up in the laboratory to the North West. He seethes with hatred for the Abbot. So much so that he sent this big lumbering hulk to ask for help.
  • You: How do we know we can trust this Mentau?
  • Lowan Nilmani: We don't. That's why I'm sending you instead of going myself! Try talking to Corpuscles before you go, I haven't gottem him to say anything, but maybe you'll have more luck.
    • You: Guess I'm on my way to the laboratory then. (Bestow quest)

Talking to him after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make he say:

  • Lowan Nilmani: Mentau needs our help, and if we're to take on the Black Abbot then we need his. Hurry up!
  • You: I'm on it.

On completion of quest, he will congratulate you with the following:

  • Lowan Nilmani: Has the artificer been rescued?
  • You: Yes, he is safe and will aid us. Also, the Black Abbot's army of flesh golems has been destroyed. His forces should be significantly weaker.
  • Lowan Nilmani: Excellent work <name>. If you were part of the Silver Flame I'd recommend you for a promotion, but since you're not, I think I'll recommend myself. In the meantime, talk to the others. We must make haste and strike against the Abbot while there is still time.
  • You: The being of darkness will never be allowed to ascend.

After completing the quest and taking the reward, if you talk to him again, he will reply:

  • Lowan Nilmani: An ally against the Abbot is a powerful thing indeed, but don't go getting full of yourself. A deity losing an ally isn't all that much weaker than he was before.