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Hail, <Class>. Take heed, for horrors dwell within this city of the dead. Champions of both the Silver Flame and the Emerald Claw fall one by one with each journey into the darkness. I remain here to speak of the dangers awaiting you. Perhaps this knowledge will spare you from a dire fate.


Name: Kaltrop

Race: Warforged

Gender: Unknown

Location: Necropolis, standing within the One Foot Inn, eastern side of the encampment area.

Description: Red-eyed Warforged within the inn who will offer information (tutorial) about different types of undead.


  • You: Tell me of these dangers, Warforged.
    • Kaltrop: Many of the undead roam the chambers and corridors below. You have fought some before, others may possess abilities that catch you unawares. Speak the name of an undead horror and I shall do my best to share my knowledge of it.
      • You: Ghouls.
        • Kaltrop: Carrion-craving beasts, feral and foul. They carry plagues contracted from the dead flesh they consume. A ghoul's touch can root you to the ground, immobile while they dine on your living body. Ghasts are all the ghouls are, but worse... stronger, faster and harder to kill.
      • You: Wights.
        • Kaltrop: Wights crave the energy carried within living souls. Their touch burns with cold fire and can drain life away as a chill wind snuffs out a torch. Beware, for they were once fighters and clerics and retain their former abilities, even unto death. Their swords and claws are like razors and their cunning is without peer. One strike is all it will take for you to bleed your life out onto the stone.
      • You: Mummies.
        • Kaltrop: The ancient guardians of the necropolis are the mummies. They were once rulers of men, buried in shrouds as was their custom. But they lived on past death, spreading fear and disease wherever they roam. The curse of a mummy is a thing to fear, my friend. A cure is possible through the application of divine magic. Both the mummy's curse and disease must be lifted for the affliction to heal.
      • You: The Black Prophets.
        • Kaltrop: The Prophets are vampires and powerful spellcasters. They can drain the strength from a mortal with but a touch, and they wield the darkness of the Negative Plane as necromancers do.
          • You: Speak to me of the first prophet.
            • Kaltrop: Details are few, but we do know that Brother Salasso was once an alchemist and may have discovered a means of true immortality. His Bloody Crypt was built to resemble a winged beast and like a human heart, possess (sic) four distinct chambers.
          • You: Speak to me of the second prophet.
            • Kaltrop: The second of the three brothers is a mystery. His name and past are shrouded in darkness.
          • You: Speak to me of the third prophet.
            • Kaltrop: We know little of him, save that of all the brothers he is the most powerful.
          • You: Tell me again of the Black Prophets. (return to list of prophets)
        • You: Tell me more of the undead. (return to list of undead)
        • You: Thank you for the information. (End)
  • You: <Your Name> fears nothing. Step aside!
    • Kaltrop: I have no time for braggarts and fools. When you see the true face of evil, then you will know fear.