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Item:Dreamy Bacon

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  • Name: Dreamy Bacon
  • Acquired from: I Dream of Jeets
  • Located in: Inspired Quarter
  • Minimum Level: None
  • Binding: Unbound, Drops on leaving adventureIcon tooltip.pngUnbound: This item is Unbound, and may take permanent damage.
    This item drops on leaving adventure
    , Drops on Death, Destroyed After Logout
  • Effect: Summons Jeets' Id
  • Durability: 10
  • Material: FleshIcon tooltip.pngFlesh: Items made from flesh are often alive, or at least used to be. Disturbingly, this includes the Festivult Cookies...
  • Hardness: 0
  • Base Value: 00000001501gpIcon tooltip.pngGold Piece 5spIcon tooltip.pngSilver Piece 
  • Stack size: 1
  • Description: This bacon is a figment of Jeets' imagination. His inner Id really, really likes bacon, and would do almost anything for it.
  • Notes:
  • Found as an (Optional) in I Dream of Jeets, which takes place in Jeets' Mind within the Inspired Quarter.
  • (Optional) There is a mirror directly underneath the main platform. Only one person needs to get there. With Haste and Feather Fall, stand on the steps as close to the center of the platform as possible on the left hand side. It might not look like it, but you can land in the mirror if you jump off and push forward. Once in the mirror, pick up the Dreamy Bacon. Do not eat it yet. Walk back through the mirror.
  • When you get to the end fight, eat the Dreamy Bacon - this will summon Jeets' Id, who will help you in the final fight.