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Name: Grinwhite

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): The Swiped Signet

Affiliation(s): House Jorasco

Location: Marketplace, inside Phoenix Tavern

Description: Bitter and angry man who thinks he is way better than you. He's managed to get his fancy Jorasco's badge signet brooch stolen by the Quickfoot thieves.

Phoenix Tavern[edit]

Before The Swiped Signet quest is bestowed:

  • Grinwhite: Those rag-gatherers! Those scum-suckers! A Quickfoot thief snatched my signet brooch while I was inspecting some potions. Jorasco's badge in a trashmonger's hands! What a humiliation! If you can get it back, I'll pay you a thousand... no, a hundred... oh, let's just say an 'ample' number of gold pieces. Are you a coward, or do you want the job?
    • You: Start counting my gold. I'll be right back
      • Grinwhite: I'll count your gold when I see my brooch again. Now get moving! (Bestow quest)
    • You: I'm no coward, but I do hate sewers.
      • Grinwhite: Lazy and shiftless, eh? A common affliction among your class. Mark my words, you'll be stealing for your own supper before too long. (Walk away)

Before The Swiped Signet quest is bestowed but before completion:

  • Grinwhite: Where is it? Did you find my brooch? I'm not interested in your excuses!

After The Swiped Signet quest is completed but before reward is taken:

  • Grinwhite: What happened to my brooch? It's filthy! It's ruined! It's nothing but trash! I won't pay good gold for rubbish. You'll just have to be satisfied with whatever reward I dig up for you. And you can keep that piece of junk too! Or better yet, throw it away. That's what I'd advise!
    • You: Is that so? You'll regret cheating me, Grinwhite.

After The Swiped Signet quest is completed and after reward is taken:

  • Grinwhite: A month's pay, drowned in the sewers! Well, at least you killed the fools who stole it from me. They struck a hard bargain for their useless lives.
    • You: Repeat this quest. (see "Those rag-gatherers!..." above)