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Alabaster Lioness

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Reason: Missing HP, SP
Alabaster Lioness
Alabaster Lioness's Contract Description
Alabaster Lioness's Focus Orb

Name: Alabaster Lioness

Race: Lion

Gender: Female

A miniature statuette of a lioness. When tossed down and the command word is spoken, it becomes a living lioness that obeys and serves its owner.

Hireling Details:
Level 20 Fighter with HP and SP, offering the following commands on the hotbar:

Sunder icon.png Trip icon.png Intimidate icon.png Diplomacy icon.png


General Information:
Suspected to have the same attacks and qualities as Onyx Panther. Attack: Tendon Slice 10%.


As a thank you from Standing Stone Games, active VIPs who logged into any character on their VIP account between February 6th and March 13th, 2017 get an account-wide permanent Lioness Hireling for all their characters, forever!source