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Item:Bound Shard of Masterful Craftsmanship I

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This special shard is imbued with the potential to transform an object's structure and degree of refinement. It allows you to add the Masterful Craftsmanship I effect to an item and makes the item bound to character.


IMPORTANT: If this shard is used more than once on the same item, it will not grant any additional benefit.

The shard requires a crafting level of 33 in any school (Arcane / Divine / Elemental); 2 stacks of 25 of any essences (lesser or greater or spirit; can be 2 separate stacks of the same type), and a Mark of House Cannith. Masterful Craftsmanship I: The craftsmanship of this object is so fine that it makes the item easier to use and reduces the minimum level usage restriction by 2.

If the item has an Absolute Minimum Level, it will not reduce the Minimum Level of the item to less that that.

NOTE: Due to the way Cannith Crafting handles minimum levels (ML) higher than 20, these Shards have no effect on items with an enchantment level of +12 or higher, as these items have an actual ML of 23 or higher. Using this Shard merely results in a lower actual ML which is still higher than 20, and thus remains an effective ML 20 item, NOT an ML 18 item. An enchantment level of +11 (actual ML of 21) will become an ML 19 item.

Crafting Skill required: 33 (Any crafting school)
Note: The Cannith Workstation will accept two separate stacks of the same Essence, so if you have an excess of a single Essence (Lesser Body Essences for example) you can split the stack.

Your Crafting XP will vary.