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Airborne creatures are capable of operating full-time or part-time without touching the ground.

That includes:

  • creatures that fly with wings
  • creatures that float above the ground by being lighter than air
  • creatures that lift themselves up, levitate and propel themselves around by magic or psionic means
  • some incorporeal creatures that have no physical body to weigh them down

Some airborne monsters are actually hovering just above the ground, and if you use the environment to your advantage, they'll have the same pathing difficulties reaching you that earthbound monsters have; other airborne monsters really fly and can chase you in a straight line.

Airborne monsters can't be tripped, since their lower limbs are not in contact with the ground (assuming they do have lower limbs). They can still be knocked down by other effects; for example, a winged monster that suddenly falls asleep usually falls to the ground as well since it stops flapping its wings.

Creature Entries[edit]

The following creatures have been confirmed to be airborne (there might be more - research continues - be on your guard).

  1. Agartha the Huntress
  2. Air Mephit
  3. Air Mephit Gladiator
  4. Animated Arms
  5. Animated Book
  6. Animated Broom
  7. Antimagic Shadow Beholder
  8. Arcane Reconstructor
  9. Barovian Bat
  10. Barovian Ice Mephit
  11. Bat
  12. Battle Horror
  13. Bird
  14. Birundion
  15. Bomb Bat
  16. Bound Fire Elemental
  17. Cygl'ghax
  18. Daask Spellslinger
  19. Daask Thug (harpy)
  20. Dark Dreaming Councilor
  21. Dartak
  22. Doctor Fjorn Bloodstein
  23. Efreeti Guardian
  24. Efreeti Malik
  25. Enhanced Sentinel Guardian
  26. Evil Eye
  27. Eye of Shadow
  28. Fiendish Batling
  29. Fiendish Dread Bat
  30. Fire Bat
  31. Fire Elemental
  32. Fire Mephit
  33. Fleetwing
  34. Forgewraith
  35. Garellek
  36. Gileren
  37. Greater Air Mephit
  38. Greater Beholder
  39. Greater Evil Eye
  40. Greater Fire Mephit
  41. Greater Ice Mephit
  42. Greater Quell
  43. Griffon
  44. Harmful Thought
  45. Harpy
  46. Harpy Forager
  47. Harpy Matriarch
  48. Harpy Warbler
  49. Hateful Stare
  50. Helmed Horror
  51. Ice Mephit
  52. Iograxllozx
  53. Iorrat
  54. Ithran
  55. Large Fire Elemental
  56. Lerroux
  57. Malluur
  58. Mephit of Risia
  59. Oathbound Elemental
  60. Oleg Lipsiege
  61. Papyrerus
  62. Phyrix
  63. Prison Guard - Fire Mephit
  64. Pseudodragon
  65. R'zzix the Beholder
  66. Rashad the Vizier
  67. Razzrex
  68. Red Abishai Sky Raider
  69. Repair Drone
  70. Shadow (Mabar)
  71. Shocking Idea
  72. Sizzle
  73. Sleet
  74. Sniper Drone
  75. Spectre
  76. Spirit of Fernia
  77. Spirit of Lamannia
  78. Spirit of Risia
  79. Spirit of Syrania
  80. Spirit of the Monastery
  81. Spotter Drone
  82. Sulatari Fire Elemental
  83. Tahareh
  84. Temple Fire Elemental
  85. The Duke
  86. Tobias Warbuckle
  87. Tormented Souls
  88. Twilight Harpy
  89. Ulmer Bloodpenny
  90. Vigilant Sword
  91. Wandering Forgewraith
  92. Watcher Construct
  93. Wheep
  94. Whirlwind (mephit)
  95. Yeegoth Shaman Mercenary
  96. Zhuggothz

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