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Immunity to Cold

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A creature with cold immunity never takes cold damage. Even when subject to spells or abilities that reduce a monster's cold resistance, they will continue to remain immune to cold damage.

List of monster types that are immune to cold damage[edit]

PnP Comparison[edit]

A creature with cold immunity never takes cold damage. It has vulnerability to fire, which means it takes half again as much (+50%) damage as normal from fire, regardless of whether a saving throw is allowed, or if the save is a success or failure.[PnP]

In DDO, creatures with Cold Immunity don't necessarily have vulnerability (+50%) to fire. Some do, but many such as Skeletons do not.

Creature Entries[edit]

The following creatures have been confirmed to be immune to cold damage

  1. Gray Ooze
  2. Ice Flenser
  3. Blackbone Knight
  4. Arcane Skeleton
  5. Blackbone Marksman
  6. Blackbone Thrall
  7. Skeleton Archer
  8. Skeleton
  9. Skeleton Swordsman
  10. Skeleton Warrior
  11. Skeleton Skirmisher
  12. General Xanti'lar
  13. Winter Wolf
  14. Powder
  15. Zelnath
  16. Dryden Ancestor
  17. Skeleton Knight
  18. Skeleton Veteran
  19. Mephit of Risia
  20. Aussircaex
  21. Young Ice Mephit
  22. Greater Ice Mephit
  23. Ice Mephit
  24. Lesser Gray Ooze
  25. Lich
  26. Grundaussir
  27. Eternal Warrior
  28. Eternal Hunter
  29. Zeer
  30. Eternal Wizard
  31. Erown the Recoverer
  32. Death Knight
  33. King Raiyum
  34. Oozo
  35. Element of Risia
  36. Glacier Wolf
  37. Frost Giant Raider
  38. Frost Giant Mage
  39. Frost Giant Hunter
  40. Frost Wolf
  41. Twilight Winter Wolf
  42. Messenger of Peaks
  43. Charred Sacrifice
  44. Than Hap
  45. Warlock of Madstone
  46. Parnamuul
  47. Aneirin
  48. Daydream
  49. Kaljarne
  50. Roskilde
  51. Aussiroth
  52. Bjorn the Liar
  53. Prince Gornard
  54. Olotel
  55. Leader of the Pack
  56. Blackbone Ronin
  57. Sleet
  58. Blackbone Skeletal Warrior
  59. Frost Giant Iceblade
  60. Nexxylplyx
  61. Lieutenant Frossgarde
  62. Grablandurr
  63. Rungnir
  64. Greater Arcane Skeleton
  65. Spirit of Risia
  66. Frost Fiend of Madness
  67. Dwarf Skeleton
  68. Jala
  69. Lokelis Brightburn
  70. Jotun Rimeblade
  71. Tormented Bones
  72. Kirmudy the Bleak
  73. Dusty Skeleton
  74. Cymon Durosom
  75. Palmis Samit
  76. Skeletal War Master
  77. Skeleton Knight Captain
  78. Putrid Gray Ooze
  79. Frost Giant Hetman
  80. Minotaur Skeleton
  81. Barovian Ice Mephit
  82. Sovan Soulstealer
  83. +Lichabel
  84. Busybody Bonehead
  85. Chronic Worry
  86. Sheer Spite
  87. Graymurk
  88. Battered Skeleton
  89. Sulatar Vault Firebinder
  90. Sulatar Vault Protector
  91. Flaik the Watchful
  92. Lich Lord
  93. Greater Ice Flenser
  94. Lich Avenger
  95. Mephit Minion
  96. Aurloc the Pale
  97. Feywild Ice Mephit
  98. Haunted Protector
  99. Saltmarsh Skeleton
  100. Haunted Mage
  101. Skeletal Alchemist
  102. Saltmarsh Skeleton Archer
  103. The Housekeeper
  104. Zherqul
  105. Brimstone Butcher (Necropolis)
  106. Skeletal Sharpshooter (Forgotten Realms)
  107. Skeletal Warrior (Forgotten Realms)
  108. +Tonquin