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  • (DM) What do we have here? You are bold ... for mortals.
  • You've wandered through my mountain. Slayed my allies, my servants... and now you've decided to pay me a visit.
  • You know what I am, don't you? (A dragon, a dracolich, deathless, my phylactery.) I have so much power within my grasp. You cannot imagine.
  • They used those things to light their previous temple. Dagan hated them, of course, because he loved me as his god. But Dwarves are stubborn things... until you strip them down to bones.

Type: Undead (List)

Race: Shadow Dragon (List)

Sub-race: Dracolich (List)

Monster Manual classification: Dragon

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦40Epic Normal ♥45Epic Hard ♠88Epic Elite

Special Qualities: See Invisibility

  • Breath weapon
    • Applies "Death Seeps In", which removes Death Ward and prevents reapplication for one minute.
    • Applies 1d4[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"1d4" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!] negative levels.
  • Rising Power - For each Cult of the Dragon Deathlord alive in the summit (up to 5), Aurgloroasa gains:
    • 20% Damage Resistance against all damage types (magical and physical)
    • 50% more damage with physical attacks

Habitat: Temple of the Deathwyrm