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103 edits and counting!
Skeleton Warrior.jpg
You are now buried four feet under. The dark side is calling you...

Balacertar has 100 or more edits - can you make 250 ?

I am based at Sarlona server. After enjoying it for so long, I would like to contribute to this amazing wiki.

Trying to do some cool things with dpl: Turbulent Epee Templar's Bulwark Brutish Cuirass Guardian of the Liturgy Moss Weave Cloak Wind Howler Bracers The Mad Lute Lightning Rod Forgotten Light Splintered Winter's Wrath Silken Mail Black Wolfskin Belt Tarnished Deneith Heavy Chain Krugg's Spiked Boots Cloak of Silence Tinker's Gloves Slaver's Hand Crossbow Bow of the Elements (Air) Rakshasa Hide Turbulent Epee Gwylan's Blade Snakeskin Vest Silken Mail Crude Bauble Trapblast Goggles Nicked Scimitar Splinterskull Acolyte Ring Krugg's Spiked Boots Black Wolfskin Belt Black Wolfskin Cloak Graskitch's Skullcap Flamedagger Mithral Full Plate of Speed Jeeka's Spangle Staff Of Fleshaping Pearl of Power IV Helm of Frost Hellfire Crossbow Trapblast Goggles Rock Boots Ring of the Archbishop Grim's Bracelet Spellshield Docent Beholder Plate Docent Beholder Plate Docent Gerard's Mail Savage Sword Dusk Heart Ring of Master Artifice Diabolist's Docent Blademark's Docent Boots of Corrosion Charged Gauntlets Gem of Many Facets Hellstroke Great Axe Xuum Cruel Nobility Templar's Retribution Fury of the Flame Shock Sickle of Riposte Vulkoorim Fighting Leathers Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy Adamantine Knuckles Ring of Resonance Scorched Bracers Tarnished Deneith Heavy Chain Wrath of Siberys Nightforge Darkhelm Visor of the Flesh Render Guards Phiarlan Mirror Cloak Ring of Master Artifice Bracers of Wind Nightforge Avenger Blade Nightforge Aegis Rock Boots Night Hag's Heartstone Winter's Wrath Touch of the Silver Flame Katra's Wit Smedgar's Ring Shaman's Band Shard of Vollun Signet of the Silver Flame Battered Guardian Shield Coronation Shield Goggles of Time-Sensing Nightforge Armbands Skirmisher's Bracers Ethereal Bracers Cloak of Ice Ghost-Waking Cloak Necklace of Contemplation Power Evidence Mechanic's Belt Helm of the Black Dragon Elder's Cap Nightforge Darkhelm Scepter of the Ogre Magi Staff Of Fleshaping Voice of the Master Boots of Anchoring Rock Boots Mantle of the Dragonfriend Silver Flame Talisman Visor of the Flesh Render Guards Twisted Talisman Belt of the Seven Ideals Bracers of Deftness Scepter of Healing Widow Weave Cloak Archivist's Necklace Harper Pin, Lesser Returning Axe of Embers Wand of Blasting Wizard's Ward Malchor’s Undersun Goggles Wall of Wood Fabricator's Gauntlets Stormreaver's Napkin Choker of the Silver Tongue Stave of the Seer Boots of the Mire Eternal Wand of Cure Minor Wounds Darkstorm Helm Bracers of Wind Chimera's Breath Mantle of the Worldshaper Shard of Xoriat Ancient Gemstone Bracers of the Sun Soul Minos Legens Iron Cloak of the Dragon Telvi's Sash Epic Ring of Master Artifice Cannith Boots of Propulsion Flameward Ring of the Mire Troubleshooter's Goggles Troubleshooter's Necklace Guardian's Bracers Maelstrom Elyd Edge Enchanted Darkleaf Banded Armor The Devourer's Hunger Madstone Skull Bracers of the Claw Ring of Master Artifice Ironweave Robe Silver Necklace of Prophecy Totemic Lavalier Shaman's Beads Eternal Wand of Ray of Frost Benign Breath Roderic's Wand Runic Gloves Elfcarft Docent Hooked Blade Assassin Initiate's Leathers Devoted Goggles Morah's Belt Eternal Wand of Finger of Fire Corrosion Eternal Wand of Acid Splash Robe of Fire Earthshatter Warhammer Prisioner's Manacles Infused Chaos Docent Sacred Helm Guardian's Gauntlets Guardian's Girdle Ancient Vulkoorim Dagger Robe of Arcane Puissance Bejeweled Letter Opener Docent of the Flames Phiarlan Spy Dagger Brine Shaman's Staff Elemental Mithral Breastplate Stonemeld Plate Armor Great Axe of the Chained Soldier Raven's Sight Raven's Talons Siren's Belt Tootpick Shaman's Band Infused Chaosrobe Scoundrel's Greatsword Dampened Greatclub of the Scrag Garments of Equilibrium Souleater Fell Rapier of Ice Daggertooth's Belt Garments of Equilibrium Fintan's Bite Nicked Greatsword Melt Wood Staff Wind Howler Bracers Yogg-Ratha Plate Chipped Bastard Sword Balizarde, Protector of the King Obsidian Dagger Chulchannad's Claw Dusk Heart Stormsinger Cloak Terrorweb Chitin Breastplate Hellfire Crossbow

Named Jewelry

Content page Type ML Enhancements
Archivist's Necklace
Benign Breath
Bracers of Deftness
Bracers of the Claw
Bracers of the Sun Soul
Choker of the Silver Tongue
Crude Bauble
Devoted Goggles
Dusk Heart
Epic Ring of Master Artifice
Ethereal Bracers
Gem of Many Facets
Goggles of Time-Sensing
Grim's Bracelet
Jeeka's Spangle
Katra's Wit
Necklace of Contemplation
Night Hag's Heartstone
Nightforge Armbands
Pearl of Power IV
Power Evidence
Raven's Sight
Ring of Resonance
Ring of the Archbishop
Ring of the Mire
Scorched Bracers
Shaman's Band
Shaman's Beads
Shard of Vollun
Shard of Xoriat
Signet of the Silver Flame
Silver Flame Talisman
Silver Necklace of Prophecy
Smedgar's Ring
Splinterskull Acolyte Ring
Touch of the Silver Flame
Trapblast Goggles
Troubleshooter's Goggles
Troubleshooter's Necklace
Twisted Talisman
Visor of the Flesh Render Guards
Voice of the Master
Wind Howler Bracers

Named Clothing

Content page Type ML Enhancements
Black Wolfskin Belt
Black Wolfskin Cloak
Boots of Anchoring
Boots of Corrosion
Boots of the Mire
Cannith Boots of Propulsion
Charged Gauntlets
Cloak of Ice
Cloak of Silence
Darkstorm Helm
Elder's Cap
Fabricator's Gauntlets
Graskitch's Skullcap
Helm of Frost
Iron Cloak of the Dragon
Krugg's Spiked Boots
Mantle of the Worldshaper
Mechanic's Belt
Minos Legens
Morah's Belt
Moss Weave Cloak
Nightforge Darkhelm
Phiarlan Mirror Cloak
Raven's Talons
Runic Gloves
Sacred Helm
Siren's Belt
Stormreaver's Napkin
Stormsinger Cloak
Telvi's Sash
Tinker's Gloves
Totemic Lavalier
Widow Weave Cloak

Named Weapon

Content page Type ML Enhancements
Ancient Vulkoorim Dagger
Balizarde, Protector of the King
Bejeweled Letter Opener
Bow of the Elements (Air)
Brine Shaman's Staff
Chipped Bastard Sword
Cruel Nobility
Dampened Greatclub of the Scrag
Earthshatter Warhammer
Elyd Edge
Fell Rapier of Ice
Fintan's Bite
Fury of the Flame
Guardian of the Liturgy
Gwylan's Blade
Hellfire Crossbow
Hellstroke Great Axe
Hooked Blade
Lightning Rod
Melt Wood Staff
Nicked Greatsword
Nicked Scimitar
Nightforge Avenger Blade
Obsidian Dagger
Phiarlan Spy Dagger
Returning Axe of Embers
Savage Sword
Scepter of Healing
Scepter of the Ogre Magi
Scoundrel's Greatsword
Slaver's Hand Crossbow
Stave of the Seer
Templar's Retribution
The Mad Lute
Turbulent Epee

Named Armor

Content page Type ML Enhancements
Ancient Gemstone
Beholder Plate Docent
Blademark's Docent
Brutish Cuirass
Diabolist's Docent
Docent of the Flames
Elemental Mithral Breastplate
Enchanted Darkleaf Banded Armor
Garments of Equilibrium
Gerard's Mail
Infused Chaos Docent
Infused Chaosrobe
Ironweave Robe
Rakshasa Hide
Robe of Arcane Puissance
Robe of Fire
Silken Mail
Snakeskin Vest
Spellshield Docent
Stonemeld Plate Armor
Tarnished Deneith Heavy Chain
Terrorweb Chitin Breastplate
Vulkoorim Fighting Leathers
Yogg-Ratha Plate

Named Shield

Content page Type ML Enhancements
Coronation Shield
Battered Guardian Shield
Wrath of Siberys
Nightforge Aegis
Templar's Bulwark