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Sahuagin Necromancer

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The traitor did well to bring us here. This is the perfect place to begin Korthos' final days.

No excuses! The cult must bring more corpses!

If the cult cannot supply more bodies, then they shall become the bodies!

For generations, the human Heytons have forestalled us! Now the dead Heytons shall serve the Devourer's slaves! They'll be the army to crush the Korthos resistance!

Come, dead son of Korthos. Rise and do my bidding! Kill! Kill everyone in Korthos! Kill any who would help them!

Korthos will be overrun with its own dead. You can't... stop us... (gak)

Sahuagin Necromancer.jpg

Type: Monstrous Humanoid (List)

Race: Sahuagin (List)

Monster Manual classification: Missing from MM: Sahuagin

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Rare: No

CR:  ♦1Normal ♥2Hard ♠4Elite

Attack: Acid Splash, Ray of Frost, Niac's Cold Ray; Staff (Slashing), Spear (ranged, Piercing)