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Quick 100 Favor

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This is Used, using This Guide to Free to Play DP Runner. Keep in mind this Guide is designed to make a run to 100 favor and done. You'll have a story arc that will be left undone following this guide. And as it states in the Guide To Free Play. The build fails around level 4. Though you'll only get there on the last two quests.

Quest List for 100 favor quickly[edit]

Run the Following quests in this order with the above build is the fastest way to get to 100 favor. Get as much Bonus XP for each quest you can. Such as breakables, but if you want to run it quick don't pick anything up and just sell loot from chests and turn-in loot for health potions. Just in case of course.

Get all Breakables and Kill all Necromancers before they raise the dead. Mark of Passage and Trip helps out a lot with this. In the final room rush the necromancers and kill him quickly. Be careful not to destroy the altar too soon so you can get the last breakables in the room and kill off the last few monsters for maximum XP.

If you did everything right you should be Level 2 at this point. If not you'll get it in the next quest or two.

Once again kill all monsters and get all breakables. Get the breakables in the final room before solving the puzzle.
Have to stop on hard for this one due to how hard it is to keep the crystal up on elite.

Stock up on a few newbie potions and casting ingredients you're going to need them for the Elite portion of Collaborator

Make sure to loot all the chests on this mission most of it is vendor fodder but you'll need the currency for buying potions.
The reason you waited, before doing Elite, is because you should Have Eldrith Strike and Human Power boost by now. You have a high likelihood of failing this quest if your summoned dog Dies early. Help him stay alive, but stay near the crystal. If he does die summon him between 6 left and 5 left to kill, you should have enough time before the next cultist comes for two attempts.
This should polish off the Village quests and you're ready for the Island quests.

You'll have to chain run the Korthos chests and Recall after the fourth Quest. At this point you should be able to run the quests well enough without having the needed bonuses of killing everything and breaking everything. At this point it's about speed. Ignore as many optionals as you'd like. Queue all three quests in Korthos. Mayor, Ursa, and the guy by the docks Handsom Wilm. As soon as you Enter Korthos Island the 4th quest will be right there to pick up. Queue it up and jump in the water. Run them in this order taking the straightest route between quests and either ignoring the monsters or killing them. Depends on how quick you want to do this.

After the final Elite quest talk to the lady on the dock and head to the Harbor. Don't worry about the final quest on Korthos it'll eat up to much time and you'll be bored with it before you finish elite. This is about speed not completions. The first part of the Harbor Portion You'll want to speak with Baudry Cartamon Run the following two quest on Normal

  • Then Abandon the quest string to reset the Arc. (Go to Quest Journal. Click on a Man named Baudry. Scroll down to the bottom of quest description. Click Abandon) run on hard, and Then Repeat Baudry's Interests on Elite. The final quest is a bit hard for this build to speed run due to all the Kobold Shamans up in hard to reach places, and the Elite run they use a lot of Hold person and Lighting bolts.
Hope for a better two-hander if you come across a 2nd one save it for the next quest
You might need to repair your weapon after the Hard run if you don't have a spare two-hander to finish the quest on Elite.

Stop off at the Hammer and Chain and repair your weapons and armor then right outside is the final quest of this run.

This comes out the be 99 Favor, but in my experience you'll still get the DDO reward Mail and the points. If you don't head back over the Hazadill's shipment and run it on Elite and that'll put you over. Run time Approximately 4 Hours if done perfect and you remember the hit Mark of Passage every time you can.