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Pok Tranh

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Pok Tranh.jpg

Name: Pok Tranh

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): Emerald Claw Nugget

Affiliation(s): Order of the Emerald Claw

Location: The Necropolis, Emerald Claw camp

The Necropolis[edit]

When you talk to her, she will greet you:

  • Pok Tranh: I suppose you'll do.
  • You: Suppose I'll do? I'll have you know Pok I'm very well seasoned adventurer.
  • Pok Tranh: Yes yes, I'm sure you are, big deal. I need someone willing to brave the crypts and tombs while carrying the holy symbol of the Lady.
  • You: What's the catch?
  • Pok Tranh: None really. Just a couple of details. You can't have more than one, and I won't give any to you if you're carrying a worthless hunk of silver around with you.
  • You: Ok, what am I supposed to do with it?
  • Pok Tranh: The three vampires brothers who serve the lich, and the dark Black Abbot himself, all harbor special altars. These are tapped into the darkest of magics. Bring the symbol there and let it soak in all of the power.
  • You: I will return with a fully imbued holy symbol of this Lady you keep talking about. (Bestow quest)

If you accidentally destroy your Nugget, you can talk to her again:

  • Pok Tranh: You aren't carrying an amulet of the Lady? You should be, ignorant fool.
  • You: I'll take one. (Receive another Emerald Claw Trinket)

If you talk to her while carrying any Silver Flame Nugget, she will tell you:

  • Pok Tranh: I see you have an amulet from our 'friends' the Silver Flame. Allow me to dispose of it and grace you with one of ours.
    • You: Yes, please rid me of this abomination. (Lose Silver Flame Nugget, get a Emerald Claw Trinket)
    • You: No, I wish to keep what I have. (Keep Silver Flame Nugget)

While you are carrying an Emerald Claw Nugget, but it is still not at full power, she will reply:

  • Pok Tranh: The Black Abbot has more power than this. I can feel his energies from here. Return to me when this amulet contains them.
    • You: I have lost my Emerald Claw amulet.
      • Pok Tranh: You already have one of our amulets. I cannot give you another.
    • You: I will return when it is imbued with all the powers of the Black Abbot himself.

On completion of quest, she will congratulate you with the following:

  • Pok Tranh: ????????????????

After completing the quest and taking the reward, if you talk to her again, she will reply:

  • Pok Tranh: ????????????????