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DDO Location[edit]

The Location-command is a Chat-command in DDO, which gives the location of a character on the map, this will always show in your general chat window.

/loc Report your current location.
/location Report your current location.

DDO employs a standard system with 3D coördination (x;y;z) to locate the character on the map:

  • x is the west/east direction.
  • y is the north/south direction.
  • z is the height.

After typing "/loc" the next line appears. Although the numbers may differ, they do give the exact location, instance and looking-angle of a character.

(Standard): You are at: r1 lx365 ly1654 i2 ox108.93 oy126.18 oz146.31 h348.8
(Standard): You are at: r1 lx1944 ly64 i2049 cInside ox79.53 oy-30.33 oz-114.43 h52.0


  • r - Region: Which of DDO's four main game areas the location is found in. Areas: r1 (Eberron), r2 (Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft), r3 (Greyhawk), r4 (Feywild and Isle of Dread).
  • lx - Large scale coordinate (20 meters).
  • ly - Large scale coordinate (20 meters).
  • i2 - The instance (instance 2, or 2049 at the Mabar-festival).
  • cInside - this is an inside-map. Outside-maps don't have a c-field.
  • ox - Small scale coordinate, e.g. 108 meters and 93 centimeters (may be 0 .. 159.99). + is east, - = west.
  • oy - Small scale coordinate, e.g. 126 meters and 18 centimeters (may be 0 .. 159.99). + is north, - = south.
  • oz - Height, e.g. 146 meters and 31 centimeters.
  • h - The direction you are facing with your camera, e.q. 348.8 degrees (may be 0 .. 359.9). 0° is north, 90° is east, etc. The resolution seems to be 1.4° (to be more exactly on the number itself, 1.40625 = 90°/64 = 360°/256).

Some maps are small, but some maps can be pretty large (e.g. The King's Forest, or The Storm Horns). That's why the (x;y) coördinations are split up in a small scale (ox and oy, each varies from 0 meters till 160 meters) and a large scale (lx and ly, in squares of 20x20 meters).

Also, the maps are wider (x) and longer (y) then they are high (z). So the system of small scale and large scale is not neccesary for the height. It seems that the greatest height is about 400 meters, although The Storm Horns mountain seems to reach a height of 900 meters.

Now you can calculate the range of a (great) cleave, or the range of spells.

Also some players will choose to use a certain instance type when looking to run particular raids, they will typically use the 2049/2050 as a reference to those instances which typically contain less lag.

The numbers may also help the devs to point out where a problem occurs.

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This text is based on work by DDO-Forum user AidanRyuko