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Hill Giant sub-race

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Official Art


Hill Giants are one of the True Giants, being from the Giant type and Giant race.


Standing some eleven feet (3.3m) tall and weighing more than a thousand pounds (450 kg), the hill giant towers over the field of battle with uncomplicated joy. His bounding steps quickly close between him and his foe, and then a greatclub taller and bigger than any human spills down. When the giant feels so inclined, often when attacked by more than one opponent, it can pound and shake the earth itself, sending weaker foes spilling to the ground.

Should close-ranged attacks fail, the hill giant relies on his practice of rockthrowing to send discouragement to more distant enemies. The giant carries an ample supply in its home environment, but do not place it beyond the strength of this titan to reach down into the soil and pick up large stones at a whim. About the only weakness commonly known to these large thuglike creatures lies in their relatively unarmored hide (low Armor Class) and their simplemindedness (poor Will saves).

Thankfully more rare, hill giant shamans and witch doctors have demonstrated the ability to call down powerful curses, and to heal wounds and dispel offensive magic cast by heroes.




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