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Guard Tember

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Guard Tember.jpg

Name: Guard Tember

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): The Lost Seekers

Location: The Harbor, in The Waterworks at the end of north path

Description: Guard Tember is the cousin of Arlos and Venn, and rushed in the Waterworks as soon as he found out they were kidnapped. He got beaten by the kobolds, and is now asking for your help.

The Waterworks[edit]

The Kobold's Den[edit]

Once you find him at the sewers, he will tell you:

  • Guard Tember: For a moment there I thought you were another kobold, but am I happy to see a <race> face instead!
  • You: You're hurt. Do you need help?
  • Guard Tember: The Clan Gnashtooth kobolds took my cousins, Arlos and Venn. I tried to make Eechik, the Gnashtooth's chief, release them—but his entire tribe attacked me.
  • Guard Tember: (Cough) I can barely move after the beating they gave me.
  • Guard Tember: Please, help... if someone doesn't go into the Clan Gnashtooth Lair here in the Waterworks, my cousins are as good as dead!
    • You: Don't worry, I'll reach Eechik and get him to release your cousins. (Bestow chain)
    • You: I don't have time to chase after fools right now. (Walk away)
      • Guard Tember: A pox on your name.. (cough) Someone will come along who isn't kobold-pus yellow!

Talking to him after acquiring the chain, but before saving Arlos, will make him say:

  • Guard Tember: Aureon's beard, what are you still doing here? Arlos and Venn could be killed at any moment!
  • Guard Tember: The entrance to the Clan Gnashtooth Lair is right here next to me.

Venn's Trail[edit]

After saving Arlos, when you talk to him again, he will say:

  • Guard Tember: Arlos came out just a moment ago. That boy's always getting in over his head, but you saved him this time!
  • Guard Tember: He told me that Venn's being held by Chief Jittik's Tunnelworm kobolds... you'll have to find the Clan Tunnelworm Lair. It's here in the eastern part of the Waterworks. (Chain advance)

Talking to him after acquiring the second quest, but before saving Venn, will make him say:

  • Guard Tember: Please, find the Clan Tunnelworm Lair here in the Waterworks. They have Venn!

After finding Venn, he will reply with the following:

  • Guard Tember: Venn is dead?
  • Guard Tember: I... I don't believe it. He was always tempting fate, heading into the sewers after rumors and baubles, but ... no, it's too much to take.
  • Guard Tember: I'll remain here and grieve for a while. Please, return to Harbormaster Zin out on the Harbor, and let him know what happened.

After completing the chain and taking the reward, if you talk to him again, he will reply:

  • Guard Tember: You won a bittersweet victory in these sewers. Poor Venn will be in my nightmares tonight, but I'm forever in your debt for rescuing Arlos.