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Coralay d'Phiarlan

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Coralay d'Phiarlan.jpg

Name: Coralay d'Phiarlan

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): Gwylan's Stand

Affiliation(s): House Phiarlan

Location: House Phiarlan Enclave, eastern edge, tucked just north of the entrance to the large round theater.

Description: <Serpentine Table Farshifter>

House Phiarlan Enclave[edit]

If you try to talk to her while at level 3 or lower, she will reply:

  • Coralay d'Phiarlan: ????????????????

If you are at level 4 or higher, however, she will reply:

  • Coralay d'Phiarlan: Greetings. I wonder if you have a moment to help House Phiarlan with some troubles, friends?
  • You: Very well, I'll hear what you have to say.
  • Coralay d'Phiarlan: Our agents have stashed cylinders of a cursed magical powder near the House Thuranni encampment at Gwylan's Stand.
  • Coralay d'Phiarlan: I would like you to recover these cylinders and apply the powder liberally to House Thuranni's supply crates.
  • Coralay d'Phiarlan: If that sounds like an agreeable task, I shall teleport you to Gwylan's Stand.
    • You: I am ready to get underway. (Bestow quest)
    • You: What kind of powder is in these containers?
      • Coralay d'Phiarlan: Its effects are not life-threatening, but they will cause extreme discomfort reversible only by powerful magic.
      • Coralay d'Phiarlan: This will force House Thuranni to leave Gwylan's Stand without a full-scale war.
        • You: I am ready to get underway. (Bestow quest)
        • You: Pour powder into Thuranni supplies? Is this for something important? (see below)
    • You: Pour powder into Thuranni supplies? Is this for something important?
      • Coralay d'Phiarlan: Recently, a group of elves with falsified House Phiarlan patents brokered a deal with the Coin Lords. They gave House Thuranni the rights to occupy and exploit Gwylan's Stand!
      • Coralay d'Phiarlan: But Gwylan's Stand belongs to House Phiarlan by ancestral right. Why, every Phiarlan initate knows the tale of Gwylan's last stand!
      • Coralay d'Phiarlan: House Phiarlan shall not tolerate thieving claim-jumpers! That is why I want you to sabotage the House Thuranni expedition.
        • You: I am ready to get underway. (Bestow quest)
        • You: What kind of powder is in these containers? (See above)
        • You: I want to hear the story of Gwylan's Last Stand.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: The tale takes place before House Phiarlan reached an agreement with the Coin Lords to build and govern an independent Enclave of Stormreach.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: We were but a handful of forward-looking explorers and entrepreneurs, hoping to carve out a place of power for Phiarlan in these strange lands.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: And so we did. Great deeds were done in those days, and great sacrifices were made.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: In those days not so long past, a great hero of House Phiarlan, Gwylan Fellthistle, traveled to Stormreach to oversee our fledgling efforts.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: A master ranger, Gwylan was the captain of the skirmishers who defended our first—and ill-fated—expedition into the wilds of Xen'drik.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: We'd paid dearly for information that we hoped would return our investment tenfold—the location of a forgotten Giant city, where artifacts of fantastic power had once been kept.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: These runs were buried deep in the territory of an Hobgoblin tribe whose tradition was to "welcome" visitors by cooking them alive.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: We knew of the dangers. Two dozen Rangers and Fighters led by Gwylan Fellthistle accompanied half as many researchers to the ruins.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: And those runs were everything we had been promised! There is still much to be learned from Gwylan's Stand—ah, but I'm skipping ahead of my story....
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: The strength of the Hobgoblins was far in excess of what we'd expected. One by one, our defenders fell.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: We must've slain hundreds of Hobgoblins on the way to the site, but by the time we reached Gwylan's Stand, only half of our defenders remained.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: And then the Hobgoblins unleashed their main force on us.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: Gwylan and his Rangers fought like demons! Gwylan himself stood ankle-deep in stinking Goblinoid blood, firing arrow after arrow into the onrushing tide of evil.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: Even the researchers were fighting by that time, with what few paltry spells and weapons they carried.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: Yet, as his companions fell, Gwylan knew he was outmatched.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: As night closed in, there was a lull in the fighting. Gwylan ordered the surviving researchers and defenders to return to Stormreach, bearing artifacts and proof of the richness of Gwylan's Stand.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: Only Gwylan stayed behind, laying traps and setting up ambushes for the final attack. Nobody stayed to record his final battle—but he must have succeeded, for the fleeing researchers escaped without pursuit.
          • Coralay d'Phiarlan: To this day, we of House Phiarlan celebrate Gwylan's sacrifice as the moment that we gained a true foothold on Xen'drik.

Talking to her after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make she say:

  • Coralay d'Phiarlan: The House Thuranni interlopers are still plundering Gwylan's Stand—this cannot be allowed to continue!
  • Coralay d'Phiarlan: Are you ready to help us take back what is ours?
    • You: I am ready to get underway.

On completion of quest, she will congratulate you with the following:

  • Coralay d'Phiarlan: House Phiarlan will never dishonor its heroes by surrendering the treasures for which they died. The spirit of Gwylan Fellthistle rests easier after the deeds you have done today.

After completing the quest and taking the reward, if you talk to her again, she will reply:

  • Coralay d'Phiarlan: I hope you're enjoying House Phiarlan's little slice of urban excitement here in far-flung Stormreach.
  • Coralay d'Phiarlan: Odds are you can find anything you need here—and if not, perhaps you'll find what you desire instead...