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Category:Requested merges

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Maintenance Category
This category may be empty occasionally or even most of the time.

Please do not delete this category even if it is empty or flagged for deletion!

Requested merges will be shown here. If you wish to nominate page to be merged, please place {{ Merge | {{SUBST:REVISIONUSER}} | to= }}

on the page to be merged and {{ Merge | {{SUBST:REVISIONUSER}} | from= }} (if there are multiple pages to be merged into one, you can use {{ Merge | {{SUBST:REVISIONUSER}} | ... | from2=page 2 | from#=page # }}) on the destination page at the top of the pages to merge. Make sure that you add the talk page of the destination to your watchlist as well, as any objections to merging will be raised on the talk page for the destination's talk page and will need discussion.

To From Discuss Requester/last comment
Critical hit Discuss
Last: 602 days ago @ 10:56:57 (UTC)
Hoopy Froodle (Contribs • Message)
By: DDOstream (Contribs • Message)
Template:Infobox-spell Discuss
Last: 127 days ago @ 13:51:13 (UTC)
Hoopy Froodle (Contribs • Message)
By: Hoopy Froodle (Contribs • Message)
Inspiration Melody: Heroics Inspire Heroics Discuss
Last: 113 days ago @ 12:30:05 (UTC)
Hoopy Froodle (Contribs • Message)
By: Cru121 (Contribs • Message)
Category:Item effect templates Category:Item description templates Discuss
Last: 145 days ago @ 10:22:06 (UTC)
Hoopy Froodle (Contribs • Message)
By: Hoopy Froodle (Contribs • Message)
Named monster Boss Discuss Hoopy Froodle (Contribs • Message)
There's been no discussion on the talk page yet!
Category:Sundering items Category:Shatter items Discuss
Last: 194 days ago @ 16:09:00 (UTC)
Hoopy Froodle (Contribs • Message)
By: Faltout (Contribs • Message)
Taint of Evil Category:Taint of Evil items Discuss
Last: 145 days ago @ 10:49:45 (UTC)
Hoopy Froodle (Contribs • Message)
By: Hoopy Froodle (Contribs • Message)
The High Road of Shadows Netherese Legacy Discuss
Last: 341 days ago @ 18:38:10 (UTC)
Hoopy Froodle (Contribs • Message)
By: C-Hound (Contribs • Message)

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