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Defines spells and spell-like abilities (SLAs). A spell that is also an SLA can use fields specific to both. For example, see: Nimbus of Light.


<!-- Metadata -->
 |name          = <!-- default: PAGENAME -->
 |icon          = 
 |image         = 
 |school        = <!-- e.g. Evocation -->
 |type1         = <!-- e.g. Fire -->
 |type2         = 
 |type3         = <!-- can continue for as many types as needed -->
<!-- Mechanics -->
 |cost          = 
 |components    = <!-- e.g. {{V}}, {{S}} -->
 |metamagic     = <!-- e.g. {{Extend}}, {{Quicken}} -->
 |target        = <!-- at least one of Self, Friend, Foe is required, e.g. [[Spell#Target|Foe]] -->
 |range         = <!-- e.g. [[Spell#Range|Standard]] -->
 |duration      = 
 |save          = <!-- e.g. [[Reflex]] for [[half]] damage -->
 |sr            = <!-- spell resistance, Yes/No -->
 |cooldown      = 
<!-- Spells only: Spell level by class -->
 |artificer     = <!-- e.g. 2 -->
 |bard          = 
 |cleric        = 
 |druid         = 
 |favored soul  = 
 |paladin       = 
 |ranger        = 
 |sor n wiz     = 
 |warlock       = 
 |special       = <!-- non-standard source, mention class or race if relevant, e.g. Brd 6 from [[Spellsinger enhancements#Core abilities|Spellsinger]] -->
<!-- SLAs only -->
 |sla           = <!-- link(s) to Enhancement, Feat or Epic Destiny that grants the ability, mention class or race if relevant -->
 |dc            = <!-- difficulty class; if different from official DC, list actual here and official below --> 
<!-- General -->
 |description   = 


Epic spells
Spells by class  >  <class> spells
Spells by school  >  <school> spells
Spells by descriptor  >  <type> spells
Offensive spells
  > Spells with no save
  > Spells with no SR
Buff spells

Epic SLAs
SLAs by class  >  <class> SLAs
SLAs by school  >  <school> SLAs
SLAs by descriptor  >  <type> SLAs
SLAs by race  >  <race> SLAs
Offensive SLAs
  > SLAs with no save
  > SLAs with no SR
Buff SLAs
Channel Divinity

Spells by unknown parameter
  > Spells with unknown school
  > Spells with unknown components
  > Spells with unknown cost
  > Spells with unknown metamagic
  > Spells with unknown target
  > Spells with unknown range
  > Spells with unknown duration
  > Spells with unknown save
  > Spells with unknown DC
  > Spells with unknown SR
  > Spells with unknown cooldown

SLAs by unknown parameter
  > SLAs with unknown cost
  > SLAs with unknown metamagic
  > SLAs with unknown target
  > SLAs with unknown range
  > SLAs with unknown duration
  > SLAs with unknown save
  > SLAs with unknown DC
  > SLAs with unknown SR
  > SLAs with unknown cooldown


Question icon.png
Name: Infobox-spell
School: Unknown spell school
Spell Level:
Components: Unknown spell components
Spell Point Cost: Unknown spell cost
Metamagic: Unknown spell metamagic
Target: Unknown spell target
Range: Unknown spell range
Duration: Unknown spell duration
Saving Throw:
Spell Resistance:
Cooldown: Unknown spell cooldown