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Acolyte Hestair

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Acolyte Hestair.jpg

Name: Acolyte Hestair

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): Dead Predators

Affiliation(s): House Jorasco

Location: Open Palm Inn, found in the southeastern quarter of House Jorasco enclave), standing at the bar

Open Palm Inn[edit]

If you try to talk to her while at level 3 or lower, she will reply:

  • Acolyte Hestair: I cannot heal you—my powers are already taxed to their limits trying to minister to the poor of Stormreach. For that matter, my imagination is taxed to its limit explaining to my superiors why so few of my patients end up paying for their needs. You'll have to seek help elsewhere.

If you are at level 4 or higher, however, she will reply:

  • Acolyte Hestair: The young woman bites her lip as you approach. Pardon me... are you willing to serve a humble cleric of House Jorasco? The people I care for are suffering from a terrible scourge, and only someone as powerful as yourself could possibly save them.
  • You: What manner of help do you seek?
  • Acolyte Hestair: As an acolyte, I care for the poorest of Jorasco's clients—those who can only afford to pay with promises. Recently, several have vanished without a trace. My superiors blame the infestation in Delera's Tomb. But I have found another source of evil! A pack of wights is dragging these victims to a much older crypt, known as the Dead Halls, and transforming them into more wights. Their numbers are growing, and I am sure that some greater evil controls them all! Will you destroy these dead predators and their master?
  • You: I'll try to destroy the wights for you. (Bestow quest)
  • Acolyte Hestair: Your courage means life to those who cannot defend themselves. You will find the Dead Halls hidden not far beneath the Jorasco ward. The path is safe enough until you reach the lair of the wights....

Talking to her after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make she say:

  • Acolyte Hestair: If you cannot destroy the wights, I know there will be more disappearances after night falls. Please do not give up!

On completion of quest, she will congratulate you with the following:

  • Acolyte Hestair: You destroyed the wights and their dead master? Then the plague on my patients is ended—at least for this evening, and perhaps for tomorrow's. You deserve more thanks than I could ever give.

After completing the quest and take the reward, if you talk to her again, she will reply:

  • Acolyte Hestair: Thank you so much for rooting out that wight infestation. I know we'll be lucky if the Dead Halls aren't crawling with evil again by the morrow. But we can't let that discourage us from fighting back!