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Acidstone Elemental

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Acidstone Elemental.jpg

Type: Elemental (List)

Race: Earth Elemental (List)

Sub-race: Acidstone Elemental (List)

Monster Manual classification: Earth Elemental

Alignment: True Neutral

Rare: No

Organization: Solitary

CR:  ♥18Hard ♠21Elite

Attack: Slam (bludgeoning)

Special Qualities: DR  ♥12Hard ♠12Elite/-, earth grab, elemental traits

Habitat: Acid Wit

Description: Oddly, they are much tougher than any other earth elemental you'll encounter at this level. They have far superior hit points, armor class and deal far more damage, including some heavy acid damage. On elite difficulty, they are very close to epic enemies stats, with hit points well over 1500 and armor class over 50.

Appearance: As a regular earth elemental except they have green crystals growing out of their bodies.