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Talk:Zawabi the Elder Djinni

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Not a free agent[edit]

According to this revision: https://ddowiki.com/index.php?title=Zawabi_the_Elder_Djinni&diff=386330&oldid=386316
(Zawabi may not BE a "Free Agent", but he is definitely affiliated with the Free Agents as he bestows quests that grant Free Agent favor. Removing the affiliation per the previous update seems contrary to any meaningful reason for the field) by Glmfw1 (Contribs • Message).

  • I recently used the affiliation parameters to determine which NPCs are members of the patron factions. What this means is that if an NPC has "affiliationX=The Free Agents" in the template, then this NPC will be included in the Members table that is automatically generated (see The Free Agents#Members). To make this table have some meaning, I had to remove a bunch of affiliations from NPCs that are not Free Agents. I'm not perfect in my judgement, so if you feel that I removed someone that could be a Free Agent go ahead and add the affiliation back.
    As for bestowing quests that grant Free Agent favor. I really don't feel that patron favor and NPC loyalties are tied. An NPC may be a soldier of House Deneith and yet give you a quest that happens to favor the Free Agents. If you wish to discuss this further and perhaps offer some alternatives, please do so in Template talk:NPC (to discuss what the affiliation parameter is for) and Talk:Patron pages (to discuss how to display NPC members of a patron faction automatically).
    Faltout (ContribsMessage) 09:44, May 23, 2018 (EDT)