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Talk:Guild Renown

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Removing the image[edit]

At this point, the image does not fulfill any function since all the stuff is already on the article. Should we remove it? --Borror0 10:01, June 7, 2010 (EDT)

Yeah I don't think it is needed there either, also should the page more aptly become Guild Rewards? UltraMonk 10:59, June 7, 2010 (EDT)

Guild Rewards[edit]

Shouldn't this page be more aptly named as Guild Rewards? As Guild Renown is the method to gain the Rewards listed in this page. UltraMonk 08:02, June 9, 2010 (EDT)

yea, i would say duplicate that part to "Guild Level". --yoko5000 11:44, June 9, 2010 (EDT)

Departure Types[edit]

What is the definitions of amicable terms and bad terms when departing? Also, when does an account become listed as inactive, and how does this impact departure? -- 19:34, May 3, 2011

added how to leave on amicable/bad terms, and defined Modified Guild Size with inactive (>30 days) and recent departures (<14 days). Backley 16:23, May 3, 2011 (EDT)

The Decay part should be changed[edit]

Currently after the changes posted 10-22-2012 by Tolero:

  Greetings! We are putting forth modifications  currently trying out some temporary adjustments to the Guild Renown system and monitoring the outcome and feedback this week. The intent is to address concerns from guilds and guild leaders regarding the impact of optimizing guild size in order to gain or maintain guild levels. We’ll be making additional balance changes that we think you and your guildmates will appreciate, but for now we have applied the changes without downtime. As of today, you will notice two changes to your renown rates:
  * Renown decay no longer takes guild size into account. This should ease the pressure for guild leaders to “kick” members from the guild to offset daily renown decay rates. Renown decay now only takes a guild’s level into consideration rather than its size.
  * Renown ransack has been increased. Previously when a guild earned levels in a day, it would gradually reduce the renown drop rates. We’ve increased the rate so that a guild can only earn [I]roughly[/I] 3 levels in a single day. This should prevent large guilds from completely dominating the field in terms of levels per-day.
  There are some balance Pros and Cons to this method, but we’d like guilds to give us feedback about their experiences using the new settings this week. If players like the settings, or feel it is workable with minor tweaks, then we are ready to keep them! If players find the changes make matters worse, then we are scheduled to revert them. So this week, we encourage guild leaders/members to use this thread to give us feedback about how the changes are impacting your guild leveling dynamics. Important feedback for us is points where frustration has eased (or increased). Thanks for your participation as we work to improve our guild leveling system![/QUOTE]

and Vargoyle the same day:

  We expect this specific change to have minimal direct impact on small, high level guilds.
  Diminishing returns on Guild Renown is only affected by actual levels gained by the guild.  High level small guilds who may take many days or weeks to gain a level should see very few changes.  If your guild gained levels today, you'll see fewer renown drops.  
  This coming week all guilds should be seeing decay as if they guild were a size 6 guild from last week.  Large guilds of all levels are expected to experience less decay than before (assuming they were high enough to have decay).  No  guild should see more decay than before, with these current changes we're looking at this week.

Apparently all decay should be based on a six account guild in the old formula. Luvirini (ContributionsMessage) 01:41, January 6, 2013 (EST)

The Renown requirements per level are wrong around Lvl 80[edit]

I have received a PM on the forums with the following information. Can anyone confirm/update? I've never really paid attention to guild renown. Overvaan also mentioned something similar (see history of Guild Renown). Anyone have the numbers? --Cru121 (ContributionsMessage) 14:14, November 11, 2014 (EST)

The Renown requirements per level are badly wrong around Lvl 80.
I've changed the Renown requirement for 84 from 29,500,000 to 29,200,000 BUT I'm pretty certain that's also too high {as my guild is currently at 29,378,000 and with over a third of the Red Bar!}.
I think it's 29,100,000 and I know that I required 1 million renown to hit 84 in the first place!
Lvl 85 Requirement IS 30 million!
  • They are wrong, but I don't have new numbers. — Zav(C·T·E) 18:17, November 11, 2014 (EST)