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Here's my Abbot Raid Newbie Text (see also Ascension Chamber for the full wiki entry on the raid):

Wall of Text for the newbie(s), please say when done reading:[edit]

  1. Confirm you are fully flagged: try to open the quest entrance door. Last step in flagging was running Litany of the Dead x4 (once per end boss, have to exit via door after boss and kill crystals to count)
  2. Object of the raid is to kill the Black Abbot. He is a Neutral Evil Undead Lich, immune to Cold and Electric and level 4 and lower spells, with DR/Bludgeon+Magic.
  3. I use a +3 Flaming Quarterstaff of Disruption, but Wraps of Endless Light is best for Monks and a triple Positive greensteel maul is best for everyone else.
  4. Over-all steps: we load in, gather just past blue bridge for buffs and confirm all ready (don't go past 2nd row of tiles), buff, move forward, beat abbot to 65%, doors go up, scouts go left and right and say what is there, then groups go to assigned puzzles via identified doors. They do all 3 puzzles, then meet back with rest of party at center, rebuff, Abbot comes back down at 54:25 on his mantle (5m35s after he went up there), we kill him.
  5. During the 2nd fight with the Abbot, he does 4 special attacks (random order, never same 2 back-to-back).
  6. He does one of them as soon as he comes down, then every short while thereafter. First one doesn't have warning, rest he calls out in chat above his head and in General chat.
  7. Worst is Inferno (he will have fire around him when he comes down if he is about to cast Inferno, later he says I call the Inferno, then Xendrik shall burn!). Avoid it via Pale Lavender Ioun Stone/Jeweled Cloak/Scarab of Spell Absorption and/or jump on the ice island at NW that ppl will form with the ice ball wands. When running away from Inferno, DO NOT run or jump in front of others. They might be using a wand and having you in front will disrupt the firing. When you get to the island, drink a Potion of Curse Removal in case you got hit on the way (or remove Pal Lav if you used that).

Reminders for asteroids team:[edit]

  1. Load in when door is identified (left or right if scout reports, center if scouts didn't find it).
  2. Move to stack of Boulders on ground, pick up, equip as throwing weapon (use a hotbar key you set up last time).
  3. If 2 people move to the same stack of Boulders: whoever picks it up first stays there, other moves to an available stack.
  4. Stand where the stack of Boulders were, face center on the square, zoom in to 1st-person view (wider FoV and no platform edge in the way when looking up), Alt+Z to hide UI.
  5. Cover across from you (from above head to your left to above head to your right). You should be able to see that whole part of sky without moving, just look straight across and watch for any changes.
  6. Aim at the bottom of each asteroid and fire one Boulder. Only fire 2nd if it missed. You should end with around 10 Boulders left from the stack of 50.
  7. If you get hit, the 200 damage can be mitigated with PRR. It also moves you around, so move back to your spot so everyone can see where to cover. If someone dies or gets knocked off, change to a triangle and cover across from you. Spells and healing are prevented but temp HP from ED abilities/clickies (i.e. Reign (Fatesinger), Celestial Shield (Ex. Angel), Cocoon (Primal Av.), Aid/GH Clickies) can be used to absorb damage without losing so much HP.
  8. After about 2.5min the asteroids stop and 2 sarcophagi appear, break them and pick up the extra Boulders on the ground and go thru the portal back to the center platform.
  9. If you run out of Boulders, use a ranged weapon (breaks the asteroids but doesn't help complete the puzzle). (The puzzle actually stops when a certain number of asteroids are broken by Boulders; you can use any ranged weapon to break them if needed but it won't progress the puzzle ending, so only do that if you need to stop an asteroid from hitting someone.)

Reminders for the ice team:[edit]

  1. Break the first sarcophagus using a ranged weapon from the far-right side of the initial platform (before moving out onto the acid). If you don't have a ranged weapon, speak up and someone can loan you one.
  2. For 2-man-ice method: both load into the ice room, pick up a wand each, equip it, put it on your hot bar to use (looks like a wand but works like a scroll). Stand to the side of the person using the ice wand, not in front or behind them (if you are in their line of sight, when their targeting circle changes to a circle with hash marks, the wand will not fire where they are looking and you will probably fail). Useful buffs to get (before going into the room if you can't get them yourself): Haste, Jump, Feather Fall (to allow you the best maneuverability between ice islands and allow you to place them further apart safely: the less islands used the more charges you will have left over for infernos).
  3. For soloing ice: either have plenty of Healing Amplification, a decent amount of total hit points, and drink Silver Flame Elixir of Greater Healing as you go; or just use the 10,000 temporary HP 'Undying Vanguard' Epic Moment tier 6 Unyielding Sentinel Epic Destiny action.
  4. When you get to the end platform, turn around and use a ranged weapon to break the 2nd sarcophagus.
  5. If you have more than 1 person on the end platform and no one has gone thru the portal, you can gather extra wands: pick up the 2 wands, jump out over the acid and back to the end platform (either jump out and Feather Fall back or make an ice island to jump out onto and then jump back). The 2 wands should respawn.
  6. If you swam the acid with only 1 person, just get the 2 wands and go thru the portal (you cannot respawn them with only 1 person, or if someone has gone thru the portal back to the center room).

Reminders for the right scout:[edit]

Right scout goes thru right door and types what they see:

  • If you see a purple acid river going off around the bend and wands on pedestals left and right: say 'R ice' in Party chat, then hop in the acid and die (or follow the ice team across, just stand to the side of whoever is using the wand, not in front or behind them).
  • If you see a starry sky above you and 4 Boulder piles in a square around you: say 'R roids' in Party chat, then /sleep there to get out of the way of the roid team, then follow them thru the portal back to the center after the puzzle is complete.
  • If you see a black void in front of you and a blue wall to your left, you are North of that wall: say 'R tile N' in Party chat, then wait there and follow me across.
  • If you see a black void in front of you and blue wall to your right and bag on the ground to your left, you are South of that wall: say 'R tile S' in Party chat, then pick up the bag, run west into the black area (not down the hall), break the sarcophagus on the other end if you make it (then go back into the black and South to die), I will rez you and open trade for the goggles (give them to me ASAP; the doors are only up for 1m28sec)
  • Summary for tiles: N=North=No goggles (wait there), S=South=Some goggles (bring them out).

^^end of wall of text^^

Videos of Tiles[edit]