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Type: Monk Stunning enhancement


  • Monk level 5, Character level 12
  • 30 Action Points spent in Shintao Monk Enhancement Tree
  • Smite Tainted Creature, Jade Strike, Tome of Jade

Cooldown:15 seconds
Target: Enemy
Ki cost to use: 25

You lock gazes with an enemy, stunning them for a short period of time on a failed Will save (DC = 10 + Wisdom Modifier + your monk level). Any effects that modify your Stunning Blow or Stunning Fist DCs also affect this ability. Sightless creatures are unaffected by this ability.

  • Kukan-Do may be the ultimate stunning ability of a Monk. Without having to make contact with the enemy other than line-of-sight, the Monk can effectively stun a single enemy through ki and their force of will. This ability is powerful, with many player reports showing it effective even against Epic monsters.
  • Prior to Update 33, this ability was affected by Charisma, an ability stat otherwise unused by most Monks.