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Base Mechanic[edit]

Spelltouched Dart

This hidden effect can be found on throwing weapons from the Eveningstar Challenge Pack. Basically it creates a random second thrower of the same tier / minimum level for one throw. (This means a ML16 or ML20 thrower actually has six abilities, though three of these are totally random. A ML24 thrower has eight abilities, four of which are totally random.)

Results of some testing[edit]

Test 1: Common procs[edit]


  • Sample size: 66 hits
  • Testing aim: What common additional abilities are added on average.
  • Testing target: The red named giant in The Tracker's Trap on epic normal.


  • nothing: 1
  • 2d6/burst bonus damage: 23
  • 1 stat damage and 2d6 or burst bonus damage: 31
  • 1 stat damage: 3
  • Improved Destruction and 2d6/burst bonus damage: 2
  • 2d6 untyped and 2d6/burst and 1 stat damage: 5
  • 2d6 untyped and 2d6/burst bonus damage: 1


  • Since only 4 times no 2d6/burst bonus damage occurs, it can be safely assumed that those were evil/anarchic damage procs which did not show up in combat log.
  • Thus a spelltouched thrower can be expected to have the following common procs:
    • Always either 2d6 bonus damage or a burst type bonus damage (elemental, alignment, force or light)
    • A ~59% (probably 60%) chance for one random ability damage (strength, constitution or dexterity)
    • A ~9% chance for 2d6 untyped damage (Hemorrhaging)
    • A ~3% chance for a random debuff (Improved Destruction or Improved Shattermantle)

Test 2: Rare procs[edit]


  • Sample size: 1000 hits
  • Testing aim: What average additional damage can be expected from rare procs.
  • Testing target: Training Dummy.


Proc name # x avg damage avg damage/hit
Lightning Strike 1 x ~615 electric ~0.615 damage/hit
Incineration 1 x ~251 fire ~0.251 damage/hit
Corrosive Salt 1 x ~437 untyped ~0.437 damage/hit
Magma Surge 2 x ~279 fire ~0.558 damage/hit
Disintegration 2 x ~476 untyped ~0.952 damage/hit
Cacophonic 3 x ~291 sonic ~0.873 damage/hit
Slicing Winds 6 x ~371 slash ~2.226 damage/hit
Total 16 x ~369,5 ~5.912 damage/hit


  • The average additional damage per hit, that can be expected from rare procs, is around 5.9 damage.


Both tests combined show that the average expected damage per hit is about 12,5 within an error of about ± 0.5 damage/hit (also depending on targets alignment)

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