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Rebel Contact Vizira

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Rebel Contact Vizira.jpg

Name: Vizira

Race: Sahuagin

Gender: Unknown

Location: [[Category:Unknown Into the Deep, First tunnel and by the end chest NPCs]][[Into the Deep, First tunnel and by the end chest]]

Into the Deep[edit]

When you first enter the quest, you actually meet an unnamed sahuagin first, that will tell you:

  • Deep Water Rebel: Allies! The Devourer watch over you! Before you lies one of the many portals to our realm. Its magic will bless you, and allow you to fight in our waters.
  • Deep Water Rebel: Make haste, our leader Vizira wishes to speak with you. Find him waiting out in the depths, past the portal.
    • You: What will this portal do exactly?
      • Deep Water Rebel: Mark you in the eyes of the Devourer as one to be shielded.
      • Deep Water Rebel: The magic is complex, but I as understand it the shield is a sphere of air for a surfacer like yourself. It allows you to walk and fight on the ocean floor as you do on land, though you will not be able to swim like a sahuagin.
      • Deep Water Rebel: It is a compromise we created long ago for your clumsy kind.
      • You: Anything else I should know?
      • Deep Water Rebel: The air shield will allow you to move and swing your weapon with some freedom, but you are still deep under water. Many spells will not function here.
      • Deep Water Rebel: Magics of Fire and Gas will not work, of course. Lightning, however, is most effective.
      • Deep Water Rebel: Now you should go and speak with Vizira. He is waiting through the portal, in the depths.
        • You: Go through the portal, talk to Vizira. Got it. (Walk away)
    • You: Go through the portal, talk to Vizira. Got it. (Walk away)

After you cross the portal, you will actually meet Vizira.

  • Vizira: Welcome, mouth breather! We have much to discuss. Come closer...

When you talk to him, he will update you on the situation:

  • Vizira: Welcome to our world, landwalker!
  • Vizira: Let us recap your objectives. The High Priestess is within the palace, beyond our reach. The palace is guarded by ancient guardians, two powerful water spirits. It is currently impossible to get inside.
    • You: Then how do we get in?
      • Vizira: When the Priestess abandoned our old ways, the guardians almost turned against her.
      • Vizira: To prevent this, the Priestess had the High Mage bind the guardians' wills inside special prisons. Our reports indicate that there is a prison for each guardian in two different locations.
        • You: Where are these prisons?
          • Vizira: One is located in the ritual chambers of the Royal Temple to the west. Beware the spirits there, the Demon has tainted them!
          • Vizira: To the east you can find the entrance to the Scrag mines. They lead to the old Water Temple. The High Mage guards the other prison there.
            • You: Can you offer any help?
              • Vizira: We are outnumbered, surfacer. If you can thin out the loyalist numbers here it is more likely we can spare warriors to aid you directly.
              • Vizira: Otherwise we save our strength for the final attack.
                • You: I'll do just that. (Walk away)
            • You: First targets are east and west. Got it. (Walk away)
        • You: I think I've got the bends. I'd better go. (Walk away)
    • You: I think I've got the bends. I'd better go. (Walk away)
  • Vizira: Good Hunting.

Talking to him after the briefing, will make he say:

  • Vizira: I have told you what I can, surfacer.
  • Vizira: Exit this cave through the passage behind me. Find the elemental prisons to the east and west. Destroy them.
  • Vizira: Then ... we will attack the palace together!
    • You: First targets are east and west. Got it.

After you defeat the High Priestess, he will meet you again and congratulate you:

  • Vizira: You have served us well, mouth breather. Keep these trinkets that the High Priestess hoarded if you wish.
  • Vizira: Yet...
  • Vizira: Ta Prin has instructed me to ask your assistance on one last task. It is even more dangerous then all of the trials that the Devourer has placed before you so far.
    • You: I fear nothing in this sea, Sahuagin. What would you have of me?
    • You: I'm listening, but I don't do Kraken. Bad for business with House Lyrandar that...
      • (Regardless of the option, the dialogue ends in the same place)
        • Vizira: The portal to the Demon is still open. Ta Prin can seal it, but the Demon will always be a temptation for our people while it lives.
        • Vizira: If you are truly a great hunter, you could enter the portal and find the beast. Slay it once and for all. If you do this, Ta Prin will retrieve you, and reward you of course.
        • You: RETRIEVE ME? As in, there is no going back?
        • Vizira: No surfacer. If you go, you can only return once the demon is dead. Also know this, Ta Prin says it will be truly be a mighty foe on its home ground, and will likely have allies.
        • Vizira: Only the mad would attempt this alone.
        • Vizira: If you wish to make the attempt, merely step into the Demon's pit. The pit lies outside in the very heart of our base.
          • You: I will think on this before acting.