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Raptor sub-race

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A typical Raptor

Raptors are a type of Dinosaur race monster.


With designs based heavily on Velociraptors (or, to be more scientific, what we thought Velociraptors looked like when Jurassic Park was filmed), Raptors are vicious pack hunters. In the Eberron setting, the Halflings of the Talenta plains use trained raptors called "Clawfeet" as mounts; the Boromar clan thus frequently uses raptors as warbeasts.

(This sub-race also includes the Celiophysis, which is much smaller and lacks the leap ability outlined below.)


As well as powerful teeth and claws, raptors can use a leap move which trips opponents that it hits.


Raptors have Sneak and very high stealth scores. True Seeing will help to avoid ambushes.

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