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Jade Strike

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Jade strike.png

Jade Strike[edit]

Type: Monk Stunning and cursing enhancement


  • Monk level 3
  • 10 Action Points spent in Shintao Monk Enhancement Tree
  • Smite Tainted Creature

Cooldown: 15 seconds
Target: Enemy
Ki cost to use: 10

Ki Melee Attack: You perform a melee attack that is especially powerful against tainted creatures. On hitting a target, this attack increases their physical damage vulnerability by 10% and reduces their fortification by 25%. A successful Will save negates this effect (DC = 10 + Wisdom modifier + your monk level + Stunning DC boosts). Aberrations, extraplanar creatures that are not classified as lawful outsiders, and undead receive double this effect. On critical hits, a target will be locked in a tomb of jade on a failed Will save (DC = 10 + Wisdom modifier + your monk level + Stunning DC boosts). Extraplanar creatures, Aberrations, and Undead must succeed at two consecutive Will saves to avoid their fate.

  • Jade Strike curses enemies with increased susceptibility to damage. On critical hits, the target is encased in jade stone—effectively stunning the target, including undead & non-living constructs who normally cannot be stunned.