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Item enchantments

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Master list of enchantments

Database last updated on: April 8


(A) = the respective enchantment comes from a pre-filled augment slot (Example: Hellfire Cloak)
(C) = Chain end reward
(Cr) = Crafted item
(Q) = Quest end reward
(TI) = Turn in reward
(W) = Wilderness area item

Green = This entry covers more than a single unique item (Examples: Green Steel weapons, Mournlode Armors)
Orange = Raid item
Light Purple = ML 20-25 item
Dark Purple = ML 20 item crafted at the Altar of Epic Rituals

Note: Some items belong to two color coded categories but, for obvious reasons, they are tagged with a single color.

(random 1/N) - The item has one random enchantment picked from a pool of enchantments (Example: Seal of House Avithoul)
(random 1/N (2)) - The item has two random enchantments picked from the same pool of enchantments (Example: Star of Day)
(random 1/N A) and <Item name> (random 1/N B) - The item has two random enchantments picked from two different pools of enchantments (Example: Hide of the Goristro)
(random 1/N (1/2)) and (random 1/N (2/2)) - The item has a pair of random enchantments picked from a pool of pairs of enchantments (Example: Belashyrra's Cleansed Scepter)

Items and enchantments not tracked by this project:

To do... Finish adding post-U14 values for:

U15 to do list:

  • Forester's Brush Hook (Level 16)
  • Forester's Brush Hook (Level 17)
  • Wall of Wood (Level 17)

U17 to do list:

To add:

  • Allegiance (13, 23)
  • Aquatic Bracers (13, 14)
  • Belt of the Seven Ideals (14)
  • Bronze Ingot Arcanum (13)
  • Death's Locket (13)
  • Ghost-Waking Cloak (13, 14)
  • Giantcraft Siberys Compass (12)
  • Gloves of Forgotten Craft (12, 13)
  • Great Axe of the Chained Soldier (12, 13, 14)
  • Intricate Field Optics (12)
  • Jorgundal's Collar (12, 13)
  • Ring of Shadows (13, 14)
  • Ring of the Djinn (13)
  • Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy (12, 14)
  • Silver Ingot Arcanum (13)
  • Skullsmasher (12)
  • Skyvault Shield (12, 13)
  • Surefooted Boots (13)
  • Tortured Livewood Bow (12)
  • Windlasher (13)

Verify ML:

  • Chill Shard
  • Elven Chain
  • Helm of the Flame
  • Mask of the Asylum
  • Ring of Baphomet
  • Ring of the Archbishop
  • Scurvy's Wrap
  • Twig of the Giant Mage
  • Unkor's Cleaver
  • Wharfrat's Plank


  • Disc of Enhancement - the blue slot is filled or not?
  • Girdle of Giants' Brawn (23) - str 7 or 8?
  • Wharfrat's Plank - ac? dr?
  • Zulkash's Bone Necklace - slot filled with int or wis?