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Item:Star of Day

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Star of Day

Proficiency Class Martial Weapon Proficiency Star of Day shown.jpg
Accepts Sentience? Yes
Damage and Type 3[1d10] + 6 Pierce, Good, Magic
Critical threat range 19-20 / x2
Weapon Type Short Sword / Piercing weapons
Race Absolutely Required None
Minimum Level 20
Required Trait None
Use Magical Device DC No UMD needed
Attack Mod STR
Damage Mod STR
Binding Bound to Character on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire
Durability 255
Made from GoldIcon tooltip.pngGold: Gold is an expensive precious metal often used in jewellery. Unfortunately, it is very fragile, and often has low hardness.
Hardness 30
Base Value 00080010008,001ppIcon tooltip.pngPlatinum Piece 
Weight 2 lbs
Location Eveningstar, Turn in 15 Commendations: Clerics of the AmaunatorIcon tooltip.pngCommendation: Clerics of Amaunator: This is a valuable item that can be exchanged for goods if brought to a Challenge Trader. This is a token of favor earned by helping the Clerics of Amaunator. You can exchange it in Eveningstar for powerful equipment.
  • +6 Enhancement BonusIcon tooltip.png+6 Enhancement Bonus: +6 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls.
  • BrillianceIcon tooltip.pngBrilliance: This weapon glows with the light of Irian. This weapon deals an extra 1 to 6 points of light damage on a successful hit. In addition, critical hits deal an additional 1 to 10 light damage for weapons with a x2 critical multiplier, 2 to 20 for a x3 critical multiplier and 3 to 30 for a x4 multiplier.
  • One of the following:
    • Fiery DetonationIcon tooltip.png Fiery Detonation: This weapon is imbued with a fiery wrath. On an attack roll of 20 which is confirmed as a critical hit this burning power will be released, dealing damage to the target and all enemies near it for 15d6 fire damage.A successful Fortitude save (DC 39) reduces this by half.
    • RadianceIcon tooltip.pngRadiance: This weapon is imbued with a brilliant, radiant power that deals an additional 4 to 24 points of light damage and blinds the target on a successful critical hit.
  • One of the following:
    • DisruptionIcon tooltip.png Disruption: On Hit: 4 to 24 Bane damage to Undead.
      On Vorpal Hit: If an undead struck by this weapon has fewer than 1000 Hit Points, it is instantly slain. If the undead has above 1000 Hit Points, it takes 100 damage.
    • Flaming BurstIcon tooltip.pngFlaming Burst: This weapon is sheathed in fire, and deals 1 to 6 fire damage each hit. Critical hits deal an additional 1 to 10 fire damage for weapons with a x2 critical multiplier, 2 to 20 for a x3 multiplier and 3 to 30 for a x4 multiplier.
    • Greater GoodIcon tooltip.pngGreater Good: This weapon is infused with the ultimate power of Good. It does an additional 2 to 12 damage to non-good targets and can only be wielded by Good-aligned characters.
    • Holy BurstIcon tooltip.pngHoly Burst: A holy weapon is imbued with holy power. This power makes the weapon good-aligned and thus bypasses the corresponding damage reduction. It deals an extra 2 to 12 points of damage against all of evil alignment and an extra 3 to 18 on a critical for weapons with a x2 critical multiplier, 4 to 24 for a x3 multiplier, and 5 to 30 for a x4 multiplier.
Star of Day.png
Description Though seemingly made of pure gold, the blade of this bastard sword is as hard as steel. It is also surprisingly light, able to be wielded effectively by anyone who is proficient in the use of short swords. The clergy of the sun god, Amaunator, have brought a number of these powerful relics to Eveningstar in order to help combat the Darkening. Rumor and hushed whispers tell of three blades among the Stars of Day that stand out from their bretheren, feared by all that hide in shadow and darkness. This blade is not one of them.