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Basil Tallbarrow

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Basil Tallbarrow.jpg

Name: Basil Tallbarrow

Race: Halfling

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Redfang the Unruled

Collects: Venom's Poison Sac, Bile's Stinger

Affiliation(s): The Free Agents

Location: The Marketplace, East of Remembrance Plaza

Description: Man who experimented on spiders and scorpions with mostly alteration spells but lost control of his subjects.

The Marketplace[edit]

Location In Marketplace

Before Redfang the Unruled is bestowed:

  • Basil Tallbarrow: I have made a terrible error and need your help. I had meant to keep the foul thing in my basement...I had no knowledge of the basement below my basement. But now she is free in there.
    • You: Send me to your task.
      • Basil Tallbarrow: Oh, thank you. Redfang, a giant spider, is in the sub-basement of this home. I enhanced her with some spellwork that I had been using, alteration mostly, but the experiment went awry when she escaped. Find her and kill her, please. (Bestow quest)
    • You: I cannot help you at the moment.
      • Basil Tallbarrow: Oh, I hope that she does not breed too quickly. Otherwise her spawn might overrun this city. (Walk away)

After Redfang the Unruled is bestowed but before completion:

  • Basil Tallbarrow: Quickly now, kill her and bring me the glands that I altered.
    • You: I will head into your home now and rid the beast from within. (Walk away)

After completion of Redfang the Unruled but before taking reward:

  • Basil Tallbarrow: Huzzah! You slew the beast, no longer will she haunt my dream. Hopefully I will be able to create some type of poison that will kill her offspring.
    • You: It was simple enough, just a spider after all
      • Basil Tallbarrow: (If you have Venom's Poison Sac) What is it that you have found?
        • You: I found another large spider, it had a swollen poison sac that I acquired.
          • Basil Tallbarrow: This is a remarkable discovery, friend. If I am correct, this is a sample of poison from the offspring of my creation. That would mean she is capable of breeding, perhaps at an accelerated rate and with increased chance of producing spiders possessed of powerful toxins, terrifying. Thank you again, and be sure to put that potion to good use.
            • You: You are most welcome. (Receive a potion of Cat's Grace)
      • Basil Tallbarrow: (If you have Bile's Stinger) What is it that you found?
        • You: A stinger that belonged to a very strong scorpion.
          • Basil Tallbarrow: Excellent work, friend. I altered the poison carried by this scorpion through a painstaking magical process. Wait-this is not the same stinger at all. Likely not from the same scorpion; amazing, it appears as though the scorpions I altered have been breeding. This is remarkable and frightening. Thank you again for your assistance, I assume that you will find a use for that potion.
      • Basil Tallbarrow: You have done the city a great service, and you have my thanks.
        • You: Glad I could be of service. (Quest Completed)

After completion of Redfang the Unruled and after taking reward:

  • Basil Tallbarrow: It is good to see you again, <name>. Since you helped me rid the sub-basement of Redfang I have been quite busy with other pursuits, scorpions mostly. Did you know that not all their bites are poisonous? Some carry foul and deadly diseases... fascinating. Can I help you with something?
    • You: Repeat this quest. (see "I have made a terrible error..." above)
    • You: Be certain not to allow your new experiments to go awry. (Walk away)
    • You: Not at the moment, no. (Walk away)