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Abaric Spigard

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Abaric Spigard.jpg

Name: Abaric Spigard

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Affiliation(s): War Wizards

Location: The Thunder Peaks

Description: Cult of the Dragon Expert

Thunder Peaks[edit]

  • Abaric Spigard: A strange pair of prisoners! They surrendered as soon as we approached the gate into Thunderholme. They said they want to help us. They even gave us the runestone to open the gate.
  • Abaric Spigard: Yet we must not trust them. They belong to the Cult of the Dragon. No member of that Cult is a friend to Cormyr. Or to men ... or to the living, for that matter!
    • You: What does the Cult of the Dragon Believe?
      • Abaric Spigard: The Cult believes that Dracoliches - undead dragons - are destined to rule us all. When the Dracoliches come to power, the Cult wants to be there by their sides, acting as the Dracoliches' favored servants.
      • Abaric Spigard: Sheer nonsense, of course. It's all based on the ravings of a lunatic archmage named Sammaster.
      • Abaric Spigard: Yet there's always those willing give their life over to mad prophecy and crazed dreams. Though Sammaster died long ago, his Cult lives on, worshipping Dracoliches - and making more of them!
    • You: What is the Cult of the Dragon doing here in Thunderholme?
      • Abaric Spigard: Aurgloroasa the Dracolich has built quite a following amongst the Cult in Sembia. She's summoned her followers here to her lair in Thunderholme - that's very unusual, indeed! We suspect the Dracolich wants her human followers by her side as a show of strength while she negotiates with the Netherese.
      • Abaric Spigard: Aurgloroasa relies heavily on her emissary Sarva Bellistrae to keep the Cult in line. Sarva is smart, ambitious, and utterly devoted to Aurgloroasa. An ancient Dracolich with hundreds of fanatical, well-organized followers - that's a force to be reckoned with!
    • You: What can I do to help fight against the Cult of the Dragon?
      • Abaric Spigard: You're not at all shy, are you? If you're volunteering then I suppose you could rid us of the Cult's emissary, Sarva Bellistrae.
      • Abaric Spigard: With Sarva gone, the Cult in Sembia would doubtless grow weak and disorganized. It would take them a generation to recover.
      • Abaric Spigard: Or you could just chip away at her followers. The fewer Cult members Cormyr has to worry about, the better.