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Metamagic feats are available to spellcasters and are used to increase the efficiency of spells, either by making them easier to cast, giving them longer durations or imbuing them with extra power. Wizards and Artificers may choose Metamagic feats as bonus class feats.

Prerequisite for all metamagic feats is the ability to cast spells.

Using Metamagic[edit]

The right-click menu

A metamagic feat can be dropped onto a toolbar and can be toggled on or off. This will apply the benefit of the feat to all spells cast that are affected by the metamagic.

There is also a per-spell setting accessed by right clicking a spell on a toolbar for tighter control of your spell points. Settings are 'Always On', 'Always Off' or 'Standard'. 'Standard' refers to whether the feat is toggled on or off. You can drag the same spell to multiple hotbar slots and use a different menu setting for each slot, if you want (for example) maximized and non-maximized versions of the same spell on different keyboard shortcuts.

Metamagic Feats[edit]

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