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Witch-Man N'go

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I curse you, foreigner. I curse you with all my hate.

Witch-Man N'go.jpg

Name: Witch-Man N'go

Race: Wildman

Gender: Male

Location: The Restless Isles, in the Wildmen Foothold

Description: <Potion and Spell Reagent Vendor>


Wildmen Foothold[edit]

When you first arrive at the foothold, he will say randomly one of those lines:

  • Witch-Man N'go: The creature bares its teeth and grunts something in a strange tongue.
  • Witch-Man N'go: I curse you, foreigner. I curse you with all my hate.
  • Witch-Man N'go: Go to the Elder and make your presence known to him. Until then, leave me to my potions.

After you complete the quest Slavers of the Shrieking Mines, he will say:

  • Witch-Man N'go: Come not fear me. You were the one who saved my people from the Shapeless Ones, yes? Yes... come closer... you wish to partake of N'go's medicine?