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Vial of Lunar Water

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Vial of Lunar Water is a quest item in the third phase of the Shroud raid.

Once a puzzle is solved the fountain located in its room can be purified using one of these vials.

The vials are obtained from the fountain head in the pool room. Vials are exclusive and bound to character.


  1. Do Not Break Any Of The Crystals Above The Puzzle Doors.
    • Doing so will lose two optional chests!
  2. Do not water any fountain in a room with an UNSOLVED Puzzle.
    • Doing so will lose two optional chests!

Normally anyone who is unable to solve their puzzle will call out for help with a room location (n, nw, se, etc.). Then standby for solver and once the puzzle is solved they will go get water and purify that fountain.

Some groups will have dedicated water'ers, who are normally the first few who have solved their puzzles.

If you have taken too long to solve all the puzzles and the prismatic wall appears, follow behind it with your water vials as it moves around the maze. Do not touch it or you will be insta-killed.

Once all fountains are purified grab your loot and wait next to the res shrine for buffs prior to moving on.

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