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Tobar the Smith

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Use it well, outsider. Try not to feed the wolves, eh?

Tobar the Smith.jpg

Name: Tobar the Smith

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Location: Land of Barovia, next to the road leading to the Village of Barovia

Description: <Sentient Weapons>

The closest thing DDO has to a Sentient Weapon tutorial, Tobar will give each character entering Barovia an enchanted weapon. In the epic version of the wilderness, he also offers a free sentient jewel once per life after selecting from his weapon list.

Note that your character can receive the jewel as early as Level 20, but must first take a weapon which is Minimum Level 29.

Tobar the Smith: Ah! What's this? One more adventurer come wandering into Barovia out of the mists. Ill-equipped, I'll warrant. Lost and wide-eyed. More likely to become wolf-food than reach the village - and that's of you're lucky.
It's a waste of a proper weapon, more like than not. But here, I shall give you one of these.

  • You: You're just giving me a weapon?

Tobar the Smith: Not if you keep asking dull-witted questions, I won't. Get you killed faster than the wolves, questions will. But if you can keep your mouth shut and your eyes open, one of these might just serve you well. It's nothing extraordinary, mind you - not like a Sentient Weapon - but it suits someone of your modest skills.
Go on, then. You'll get but one weapon from me, so choose well. (Choose a weapon)