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Talk:Solid Fog

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The statement "Note: Red and purple named enemies are immune to the main portion of the spell (concealment, and damage attack penalties) but not the trapped in fog portion." is partially incorrect. The 20% concealment aspect of Solid Fog and all fog/cloud spells does protect against attacks made by red- and purple-named enemies. The concealment also functions regardless of whether or not enemies have true seeing. I use these types of spells all the time against purple-named raid bosses and the floating "concealed" message pops up often. I'm not certain of the effectiveness of the other parts of the spell based on mob color though.

I wanted to edit the page to remove the inaccuracy, but couldn't find an edit link. So, if someone reads this and can make the change, please do so.

Are you sure that your "Concealed" isn't coming from another source? Perhaps a Cloak of Night (Level 8 or above)? also, please sign your posts with ~~~~, thank you. -- ShoeMaker (Contributions Message) 11:35, December 18, 2012 (EST)

Yes, I'm sure. My rogue has some amount of dodge and dusk typically equipped, floatly messages appear saying "blurry" from having an item with the dusk enchantment equipped, floatly messages appear saying "dodge" for having a dodge percentage. The floaty message saying "concealed" only appears while in a fog/cloud spell, including avoiding hits from red and purple-named mobs. See this forum thread for additional evidence: "Debuffing Raid Bosses - What Spells Work?" ( Changelingamuck (ContributionsMessage) 22:14, December 22, 2012 (EST), thank you, - Changelingamuck