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Seal Scroll Shard Cruncher

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Seal Scroll Shard Cruncher.png

Seal Scroll Shard Cruncher is a crafting device introduced in Update 50 that allows you to convert your legacy seals, shards, and scrolls, formerly used in Epic Crafting into new ingredients:

Talk to Lahar in the Twelve and select the option "I would like to trade my old Epic crafting materials for new ones."

The number of reclaimed ingredients depends on the consumed one:

  • Scroll - 3
  • Seal - 6
  • Shard - 12

Tips for faster crunching: DDO Forums

  • Set the Amount to a high number, for example 999 (it carries over between items).
  • When dragging the ingredient to the Your Ingredients box, make sure to hit the red square area.
  • If the red box isn't showing, click the (x) to the right of the Search field.