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Options panel

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  • Detect Optimal Settings
    • Automatically detects and applies the optimal settings for your hardware
  • Graphics Quality (Very Low - Ultra High)
    • Adjusts the overall graphics quality. Each option can still be adjusted individually
  • Graphics Hardware Level
    • Allows the user to select which version of DirectX to run
  • Screen Mode
    • Windowed: The game will run in a re-sizable window
    • Full Screen: The game will be run in full screen. Often offers slightly better performance
    • Full Screen (Windowed): The game will behave as in windowed mode, but will appear to be full screen
  • Resolution
    • Sets the full screen resolution
  • Windowed Resolution
    • Sets the resolution (size) of the window in windowed mode
  • Aspect Ratio (Auto, 4:3, 5:4, 16:9, 16:10)
  • Antialiasing (Disabled, 2x, 4x, 8x)
    • Smooths edges at the expense of some processing power
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Gamma Level

Adv Graphics[edit]

  • Object Draw Distance (Low - Ultra High)
    • Affects the draw distance of non-terrain objects. Examples: NPCs, doors, buildings/structures, trees
  • Model Detail (Low - Ultra High)
    • Affects the detail level of 3D models and the distance at which models will be rendered with high levels of detail
  • Material Detail (Low, High)
  • Landscape Draw Distance (Very Low - Very High)
  • Frill Distance (Disabled - Ultra High)
    • Affects the distance at which shrubbery and other ground objects are draw. May have a significant effect in areas with a high amount of shrubbery
  • Distant Imposters
  • Atmospheric Detail (Low - High)
    • Affects the density of atmospheric particles such as rain and snow
  • DX11 Interactive Water (Disabled - High)
    • Affects the quality of water physics when rendered with DirectX 11
  • Texture Detail (Very Low - Very High)
    • Affects the resolution of textures, including (but not limited to) models, terrain, and water. This setting has a significant impact on performance
  • Texture Filtering (Bilinear, Trilinear, Sharp, Very Sharp, Anistropic)
    • Higher settings will increase the sharpness of textures at greater distance from the player
  • Anisotropic Filter Quality
    • A slider that, when Anisotropic Texture Filtering is selected, adjusts the distance at which objects will appear sharp
  • Multi-pass Lighting
    • Enabled environmental lighting effects
  • Specular Lighting
    • Enables reflections
  • Surface Reflections (Disabled - Ultra High)
    • Affects surface reflection quality, such as water
  • Landspace Lighting Quality (Low - Very High)
  • DX 10 Distant Landscape Lighting
  • Landscape Shadows (Disabled - High)
    • Allows structures to cast shadows
  • Blob Shadows
    • When enabled, blob shadows appear under characters
  • Stencil Shadows (Disabled - Ultra High)
    • Allows highly detailed shadows to be cast by the player
  • Environment Stencil Shadows
  • DX 10 Dynamic Shadows (Disabled - Very High)
    • Affects the quality of shadows cast by other objects such as trees and structures
    • When enabled, this setting overrides Stencil Shadows
Post Processing
  • Video Post Effects
    • Affects overall video quality, including lighting, bloom, shadows, and sunlight
    • May have a significant impact on performance, especially in certain quests or rooms
  • Volumetric Sun Light
  • Glow Mapping
    • Lit objects such as lamps or orbs will appear to glow
    • Look at the floating purple orbs over the bridges in The Marketplace during the night
  • Overbright Bloom Filter
  • Blur Filter Quality
  • Bloom Intencity
  • Player Mesh Combining
    • When enabled, distant players will render faster
  • Texture Chache Size
  • Player Crowd Quality
  • Refresh Rate
    • Specify your monitor's refresh rate, or leave on Auto
  • Sync with Refresh Rate
    • Sync the refresh rate to your monitor's refresh rate. For best results, leave this box checked
    • If you would like to cap your refresh rate at a different number, un-check this box and see Maximum Frame Rate under the Troubleshoot tab
  • Triple Buffering


  • Sound Effects Volume
  • Music Volume
  • UI Volume
  • DM Narration Volume
  • Sound Playback
  • Enable EAX
  • Mute
  • Turn Off DM Audio
  • Enable Voice Chat
  • Mic Test
  • Hands Free Voice
  • Voice Volume
  • Voice Microphone Gain
  • Voice Capture Threshold
  • Voice Playback Latency (ms)
  • Voice Playback Device
  • Voice Capture Device

UI Settings[edit]

  • Show guild member login/logout messages.
  • Lock shortcut icons to the shortcut bar.
  • Show cooldowns in shortcut bar.
  • Allow cursor activation in mouselook
  • Don't Show Hints
  • Reset Hints
  • Reset chat displays
  • Suppress World Event Bilboard Text
  • Show Leave Dungeon Confirmation
  • Accept Party Requests
  • Accept Guild Requests
  • Accept Trade Requests
  • Accept challenge Requests
  • Show Overhead Names
  • Show opponent overhead health
  • Show player character overhead health
  • Enable Mouse Soft Targeting
  • Auto-target breakables
  • Show item comparison tooltips
  • Combat takes precedence over non-combat
  • Show nearby usable names.
  • Show targeted monster names.
  • Auto-target non-monster targets.
  • Tooltip Enable
  • Show Detailed Descriptions in Examination
  • Show Vitals Numbers
  • Do not show dragonmark on self.
  • Tooltip Delay
  • Combat Dice
  • Chat Font
    • Text Color: Say
    • Trade
    • Advice
    • Tell
    • Group
    • Guild
    • NPC Dialog
    • Broadcast
    • Glossary
    • World Event
    • User Chat 1
    • User Chat 2
    • User Chat 3
    • User Chat 4
  • Turn off all combat chat feedback.
  • Turn off all evasion feedback.
  • Turn off error feedback for defensive roll
  • ...
  • Show player Guildnames
  • Show NPC Titles
  • Show player floating effect text
  • Show player floating damage
  • Show damage values in 'n + n + n' format
  • Show damage type icons
  • Name Color:
    • NPCs
    • Monsters
    • Miniboss Monsters
    • Boss Monsters
    • Raid Boss Monsters
    • Other Players
    • Party Members
    • Usables
  • Damage Color:
    • Normal
    • Amplified
    • Reduced .
    • Spell Point Gain
    • Spell Point Loss
    • Healing
    • Reduced Healing
    • Misses
    • Killing Blow
    • Non-harmful
    • Harmful Effects
  • Player Damage Color
    • Normal
    • Amplified
    • Reduced
    • Spell Point
    • Spell Point Loss
    • Healing
    • Reduced Healing
    • Misses
    • Non-
    • Harmful
  • Current User Skin


  • Quest End Rewards Based on Class
Originally Posted by SteelStar (Contribs • Message• SteelStar) Source

String exceeds 1,000 character limit for automatic parsing of {{BB code}}, passing quote through:
When you have the End Rewards Based On Class box checked, and turn in a quest that prompts an End Reward list, it checks three things.

  • What is your dominant class? (i.e. what do you have most levels in, excluding Epic?)
  • What level are you?
  • Are you a Warforged/Bladeforged? (This only really determines if you get Docents or not).

Based on those three questions, it selects one out of (checks files) 720ish treasure tables, which in turn calls on other tables to try and generate items generally useful to your race and class at the right level.

For instance, a level 10 Human Paladin is usually going to pull a few items from the following possibilities:

  • A ML10-ish weapon (could be any melee or ranged, you can rarely pull spellcasting stats on this but it'll usually be martial)
  • A ML10-ish non-tower shield
  • A ML10-ish heavy armor
  • A ML10-ish accessory (boots, rings, etc)

Compared to a level 10 Human Wizard, who is usually going to pull a few items from the following possibilities:

  • A ML10-ish club, dagger, or quarterstaff (you can rarely pull spellcasting stats on this but it'll usually be martial)
  • A ML10-ish simple ranged weapon (you can rarely pull spellcasting stats on this but it'll usually be martial)
  • A ML10-ish set of robes
  • A ML10-ish accessory
  • A ML10ish wand
  • A ML10ish club, dagger, or quarterstaff with specifically spellcasting stats
  • A ML10ish sceptre with specifically spellcasting stats
  • Sticky fellow selection
  • Click and Hold to Attack
  • Auto-attack on double-click
  • Disable General chat in private areas
  • Disable Trade chat in private areas
  • Disable Advice chat in private areas
  • Disable chat content filter
  • Enable Sentient Weapon Text


  • Mouse Sensitivity
  • Mouse Look Smoothing
  • Invert Mouse look Y axis
  • Camera follows slopes


  • Maximum Frame Rate
  • Engine Speed
  • Connection Speed

Key mapping[edit]

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