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List of all the various DDO fansites and forums. For an official list of fansites, see here.

Current Forums[edit]

Forums dedicated to DDO other than official DDO forums by SSG.

Current Sites[edit]

Current Discords[edit]

Outdated Sites[edit]

  • Bloodlickr DDO gaming adventures
  • Cannith Crafting Planner - not updated since Update 32 Cannith Crafting Pass.
  • The Cauldron of Night A sequel of "The Witching Hour" - not updated since Mar 2018 (Update 37.4)
  • Citi Plays DDO Builds, Characters, and Commentary for Dungeons and Dragons Online
  • DDM's Realm - DDO Walkthroughs, Guides, Spoilers, Database and more! No DDO update since 2016.
  • DDO Brasil - DDO Brasil is a blog written in Portuguese aimed at the Portuguese and Brazilian community
  • DDO Build Masters - DDO Build Masters is a blog for character builds and fast reaper TR paths
  • DDOracle is watching you - not updated since Jan 2019 (Update 41.1)
  • DDOTrader - Site built to facilitate trading of DDO items. Seems to be online, but not in use currently.
  • Erdrique's Blog Just a DDO Gamer's Ramblings… - not updated since Nov 2019 (Update 43.1)
  • Full Moon Fury The blog of Orien server guild, Full Moon Fury - not updated since Aug 2018 (Update 39)
  • Gamer Geoff DDO news and articles - not updated since Jun 2017 (Update 35.4)
  • KorthosCast - DDO Podcast designed for new members and old members alike getting a perspective for the game.
  • OurDDO - Former aggregate feed of DDO-related blogs that was designed to replace MyDDO, site suspended by hosting service as of July 2019 (Update 42.2)
  • M3 ~ The Magnificent Misadventures of Mustardo - Web comic. Join Mustardo as he travels the world of Eberron in search of fame, fortune, and delicious booze. Last updated 2010.
  • Return to House of Grouse Sequel to The House of Grouse - not updated since Jun 2019 (Update 42.1)
  • The Moon Breaker The Moon Breaker Novels. DDO-specific storylines
  • The Stormreach Campaign Chronicle of the legendary campaign book for DDO
  • The Witching Hour The life and the dead of a D&D Character.
  • YourDDO - YourDDO is a set of useful web tools created by Ague (Contribs • Message) that include a Monster Manual reference, crafting planners, and a server status tool. - not updated since Nov 2017 (Update 36.4)