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Exceptional bonus

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Exceptional bonuses are rare bonuses generally only found on high level loot. Exceptional bonuses stack with all other bonuses, but not with other exceptional bonuses.

Exceptional ability[edit]

Found on: Boots Goggles Necklaces as a Prefix

Base price modifier: +7

Effect: Grants +1 or +2 exceptional bonus to an ability score, such as Wisdom.

Named items
  • Greensteel items
  • Legendary Greensteel items
  • Dinosaur Bone crafting
Random loot
  • Several years ago, items with +1 exceptional ability appeared as high-level random loot. Few such items may still exist in the inventories and banks of old characters.

Exceptional (stat) skills +2[edit]

These bonuses exist for each and every stat and effect all skills that use that stat as their modifier. They only appear on named loot and a few crafted items, most notably Green Steel accessories and Dinosaur Bone crafting.

Previous exceptional bonuses[edit]

In the past, exceptional bonuses stacked in a non-standard way. Between Update 14 and Update 19, all special stacking cases of exceptional bonuses were removed from the game or redesigned:

  • Exceptional Ability +2 => Insightful ability, insight bonus (stacking with exceptional ability) (U14)
  • Exceptional Skills +1/+2/+3 => Effects doubled (+2/+4/+6), no longer stacking (U19)
  • Exceptional Fortification => insight bonus
  • Exceptional Sneak Attack => insight bonus
  • Exceptional elemental resistance +5 => competence bonus
  • Exceptional elemental resistance +10 => insight bonus

The developers have stated that they prefer to offer non-stacking bonuses to create more gear options and so do not plan to add more items with exceptional bonuses in the future.