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Category:Monsters in Too Many Cooks

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Too Many Cooks

Name ( picture ) CR Type Race
Adventurous Eater( view
Adventurous Eater.png
 • edit )
 ♦18Normal ♥22Hard ♠28Elite ♦34Epic Normal ♥38Epic Hard ♠43Epic Elite Humanoid Human
Boromar Cutlery Expert( view
Boromar Cutlery Expert.png
 • edit )
 ♦18Normal ♥22Hard ♠28Elite ♦34Epic Normal ♥38Epic Hard ♠43Epic Elite Halfling Halfling
Brandii Boromar( view
Brandii Boromar.png
 • edit )
 ♦20Normal ♥24Hard ♠30Elite ♦36Epic Normal ♥40Epic Hard ♠45Epic Elite Halfling Halfling
Chomp( view
 • edit )
 ♦23Normal ♥25Hard ♠31Elite ♦37Epic Normal ♥41Epic Hard ♠46Epic Elite Giant Troll
Culinary Wizard( view
Culinary Wizard.png
 • edit )
 ♦18Normal ♥22Hard ♠28Elite ♦34Epic Normal ♥38Epic Hard ♠43Epic Elite Elf Elf
Daask Meat Masher( view
Daask Meat Masher.png
 • edit )
 ♦18Normal ♥22Hard ♠28Elite ♦34Epic Normal ♥38Epic Hard ♠43Epic Elite Giant Ogre
Fridge Mephit( view
Fridge Mephit.png
 • edit )
 ♦20Normal ♥24Hard ♠30Elite ♦36Epic Normal ♥40Epic Hard ♠45Epic Elite Air Outsider Mephit
Garbage Disposal( view
Garbage Disposal.png
 • edit )
 ♦23Normal ♥25Hard ♠31Elite ♦37Epic Normal ♥41Epic Hard ♠46Epic Elite Aberration Otyugh
Ice Mephit Warrior( view
Ice Mephit Warrior.png
 • edit )
 ♦14Normal ♥14Hard ♠14Elite ♦22Epic Normal ♥30Epic Hard ♠45Epic Elite Air Outsider Mephit
Kora Catt( view
Kora Catt.png
 • edit )
 ♦23Normal ♥25Hard ♠31Elite ♦37Epic Normal ♥41Epic Hard ♠46Epic Elite Humanoid Human
Quinn Boromar( view
Quinn Boromar.png
 • edit )
 ♦23Normal ♥25Hard ♠31Elite ♦37Epic Normal ♥41Epic Hard ♠46Epic Elite Halfling Halfling
Ram Gordo( view
Ram Gordo.png
 • edit )
 ♦20Normal ♥24Hard ♠30Elite ♦36Epic Normal ♥40Epic Hard ♠45Epic Elite Humanoid Human
Seasoned Adventurer( view
Seasoned Adventurer.png
 • edit )
 ♦18Normal ♥22Hard ♠28Elite ♦34Epic Normal ♥38Epic Hard ♠43Epic Elite Dwarf Dwarf
Shaved Ice Elemental( view
Shaved Ice Elemental.png
 • edit )
 ♦20Normal ♥24Hard ♠30Elite ♦36Epic Normal ♥40Epic Hard ♠45Epic Elite Elemental Ice Elemental
Skrakss( view
 • edit )
 ♦20Normal ♥24Hard ♠30Elite ♦36Epic Normal ♥40Epic Hard ♠45Epic Elite Reptilian Kobold