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Nesting Scorpion burrowing out


Burrowing is a monster special quality, a movement mode.


A creature with this movement mode can tunnel through dirt, sand, earth, and sometimes rock and masonry. Most burrowing creatures do not leave behind any sign of their passage, but some do leave tell-tale marks on the ground in the entry and exit points.

This is a potent defensive ability, since you can't target a burrowing creature.

It is an offensive ability as well, since it allows a creature to attack you by surprise, provided you don't spot it before it burrows.


Sometimes, you can track subtle signs of underground movement that enable you to roughly estimate the general direction and speed of the creature.

Moreover, since a burrowing creature's combat routine usually involves a recurring pattern of attack and burrow, if you manage to hit it with an attack that deals damage over time while aboveground, it will keep damaging the creature even when underground.

Creature Entries[edit]

The following creatures have been confirmed to be capable of burrowing (there might be more - research continues - be on your guard).

  1. Large Monstrous Scorpion
  2. Medium Monstrous Scorpion
  3. Night Scorpion
  4. Monarch Scorpion
  5. Bile
  6. Ravenous
  7. Spawn of Vulkoor
  8. Blacktail
  9. Rancor
  10. Vilesting
  11. Stone Scorpion
  12. Rhath
  13. Ebony
  14. Snikkit
  15. Hatchling
  16. Wrathspawn
  17. Purple Worm
  18. Jungle Scorpion
  19. Fiendish Monstrous Scorpion
  20. Purple Worm Tail
  21. Elder Purple Worm
  22. Sineater
  23. Cave Twilight Scorpion
  24. Large Twilight Scorpion
  25. Fiend-Blood Scorpion
  26. Menechtarun Crusher
  27. Dunestalker
  28. Doomstalker
  29. Cove Scorpion
  30. Scorpion Guardian
  31. Aspect of Wrath
  32. Sandstalker
  33. Gloom's Huntress
  34. Crystal Scorpion
  35. Death Stalker
  36. Vile Twilight Scorpion
  37. Desert Twilight Scorpion
  38. Duskspur
  39. Island Scorpion
  40. Armored Scorpion
  41. Spellspew Scorpion
  42. Fellsting
  43. Hell Scorpion
  44. Scorpion Ambusher
  45. Roaming Scorpion
  46. Nesting Scorpion
  47. Menechtarun Cleaver
  48. Desert Scorpion
  49. Darksting
  50. Infernal Stinger
  51. Mother Scorpion
  52. Guard Scorpion
  53. Relentless Obsession
  54. Verminous Scorpion
  55. Aqueduct Scorpion
  56. Vulkoorim Scorpion Statue
  57. Elder Purple Worm Tail
  58. Death Stalker Scorpion
  59. Canyon Scorpion
  60. Dervinyre's Tail