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User:Yoko5000/FR stuff

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Year in FR Event/Installment Description Year in real life
1345 DR The Moonshae Trilogy A novel series by Douglas Niles 1987.05
1356 - 1357 DR Forgotten Realms Campaign Set AD&D1ED boxset by TSR, known as "Grey box" 1987.06
1350 DR Pool of Radiance 1st FR CRPG by Westwood/SSI, takes place in Moonsea/Phlan, DOS/Apple/Commodore 64/NES 1988
1351 DR The Icewind Dale Trilogy A novel series by R. A. Salvatore, Drizzt Doarden's first appearance in the FR story 1988
1357 DR Curse of the Azure Bonds CRPG by Westwood/SSI, takes place in Cormyr 1989
1358 DR "The Time of Troubles" Major catastrophic world event, in order to adopt ADD2E and its major deity changes into the world -
1358 DR- The Avatar trilogy A novel series describing ToT and Kelemvor, Adon, Midnight, and Cyric's rise to godhood 1989
1358-1371 DR Forgotten Realms Adventure (FRA) 2E hardcover sourcebook, describing ToT and adopting 2E 1990
? Eye of the Beholder Real-time 3D CRPG originally by Westwood/SSI, takes place in Waterdeep, DOS/SegaCD/SNES/GBA 1990
1358-1371 DR Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting AD&D2ED boxset by TSR, known as "Gold box", later revised as "Blue box" 1993, 1996
1368DR Baldur's Gate CRPG by BioWare/Interplay, Infinity Engine, 1998 Game of the Year, adventure in Sword Coast North 1998.11
1281 DR Icewind Dale CRPG by Black Isle/Interplay, Infinity Engine 2000.06
1369DR Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn BioWare/Black Isle/Interplay, Infinity Engine 2000.09
1372 DR Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting D&D3E sourcebook by WotC 2001.06
1360 DR Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor CRPG by Stormfront Studios/Ubisoft, sequel to the 1988 game 2001.09
? Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Console Action RPG by Snowblind Studios/Vivendi Universal Games, PS2/Xbox/GameCube/GBA 2001.12
1372 DR Neverwinter Nights BioWare/Interplay, 2002 Game of the Year, Aurora Engine, based on 3.0 rule set 2002.06
1310 DR Icewind Dale2 Black Isle/Interplay, Infinity Engine 2002.08
? Demon Stone PS2/Xbox/Win, Stormfront Studios/Zono Inc./Atari 2004.11
- Dungeons & Dragons Online: Storemreach MMO by Turbine/Atari, based on 3.5 rule set, originally featured Eberron world only 2006.02
? Neverwinter Nights 2 Obsidian Entertainment/Atari, Electron Engine, 3.5 rule set 2006.11
1385 DR "Spellplague" Another catastrophic world event, 4E setting is described as world recovering from this -
1479 DR Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide D&D4E Sourcebook 2008.08
? Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter Facebook browser game, 2011 beta, 2012.11 closure, will be relaunched as "D&D: Warbands" for iOS? 2011
1479 DR? Neverwinter Campaign Setting D&D4E Sourcebook 2011.08
1395 - 1479 DR? (in-between)[1] Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark Digital expansion, the game world now features FR also, coincided with 4E Monster Manual III (2010.06) and WotC's Rise of the Underdark campaign 2012.06
1479 DR? Neverwinter MMO, Cryptic/Perfect World 2013.06
1395 - DR (post-Shadowfell) Dungeons & Dragons Online: Shadowfell Conspiracy Another digital expansion 2013.08
D&D Next playtest Coincided with The Sundering 2012 -
1484 - 1487 DR "The (Second) Sundering" Yet another cataclysm world event (due to Spellplague and 4E setting proved to be unpopular), stories coming out in the second half of 2013 2013 -
D&D 5th Edition 2014.07
Sword Coast Legends BG-like RPG by n-Space/Digital Extremes, Win/PS4/XBoxOne, takes place in Luskan 2015.10
1486 DR Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide 5E/Next sourcebook, player's guide (not campaign setting/DM material) 2015.11
Buldar's Gate III Larian Studios, 100 years after BG2, sequel to Descent into Avernus module? 2020 late?
Originally Posted by SteelStar (Contribs • Message• SteelStar) Source

The exact times vary a bit by quest line, but our Forgotten Realms content takes place around the same time as the current Forgotten Realms timeline. Some things are a little earlier (such as Thunderholme, which set the stage for the Tyranny of Dragons storyline) while others are a little closer (such as Mask of Deception, which is around the same time as the Tyranny storyline).

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Gold box games[edit]